GoGi House Thái Nguyên-Korean Barbecue Restaurant

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A restaurant for me is quite luxurious, space is very nice, clean, staff serve enthusiastically. Go to Gogi eating Korean style barbecue with only honey beef sauce, fat or fatty.
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Dreadful cow bones strange mouth. Especially eat with spicy kimchi pieces, gimbap rolls full of dips and sauce typical Korean standard ensure delicious forget about the way. Only delicious, quality ribs, rich belly of beef and other marinated meats are waiting for you. More than that, you add more fighting energy and rolls of gimbap or muffin bowls.
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We were delighted with the set menu barbecue only from 199k / person, eat a lot without worry: Salad synthesis, Three American only gabil sauce, Three pork meulthang sauce, lean meulthang pork shoulder, Pork ribs with gabil sauce and rice bowl, seaweed soup. They also have attractive incentives.
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Restaurant Information

GoGi House Thái Nguyên
Khu dân cư số 10, Phan Đình Phùng, Tp. Thái Nguyên, Thái Nguyên, Vietnam

GoGi House Thái Nguyên-Korean Barbecue Restaurant
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