Moon milk tea- my favorite drink

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Hello, today i will bring my favorite drink to Tasteem. Surely you have used to drink milk tea, but choosing the right tea milk for you is very difficult because it is very diverse.
Today I will introduce you a very good and famous milk tea in Vietnam, and that's kind of my favorite milk tea. Moon milk tea

  • Campus restaurant



The restaurant does not have spacious space, but enough to make the guests feel comfortable with all necessary equipment, Space is designed very romantic, orderly, hygiene is very clean.

  • Menu of the restaurant


Milk tea is the main menu of the restaurant, accompanied by a lot of other beverages for example: yogurt ice, green tea... There are also many kinds of food, for example: fried sweet potato, beef fried, sausage... They are very clean and have a very good price.

I often go to enjoy Moon milk tea with friends, I really like the taste of milk tea It's really unique because its scent attracts people to enjoy it. beds like everyone, very favorite milk tea Moon.



With the taste of milk tea that I love, I believe you will also like it. Come and enjoy it. Thank you for reading and for me a commemt in this article.
Thank you very much.

Restaurant Information

Moon milk tea
71A Cù Chính Lan, Phường 1, Bảo Lộc, Lâm Đồng 690000, Vietnam

Moon milk tea- my favorite drink
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