Sunday Lunch @ Sunburst Fried Chicken

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What makes Sundays perfect is the enjoyable lunch we have with our family. After going to church, my parents and I hurriedly went to my mom's favorite restaurant, Sunburst Fried Chicken.

Sunburst is famous for its crispy fried chicken without having too much breading.

2019-07-22 08.17.50 1.jpg

We ordered fried chicken meals, Sunduo and Classic. Sunduo had 2 pieces of chicken while Classic had 3 pieces.

2019-07-22 08.17.48 1.jpg

I was a bit surprised with the Classic 3-piece meal. One of the pieces was a bit too small from the others. Nonetheless, I like the crispiness and taste of the fried chicken. The coleslaw and potato side dishes just complemented the meal.

2019-07-22 08.17.49 1.jpg

Other than chicken, we also had fish fillet, garden salad and sotanghon. The fish fillet was also crispy and soft in the inside.

2019-07-22 08.17.44 1.jpg

The garden salad was also rich in ingredients. They might need to improve on the drying of the veggies. It could get the lettuce soggy.

I like how warm the sotanghon was. I even wanted to order more.

2019-07-22 08.17.39 1.jpg

Overall, it is still worth trying the other food they can offer. Yet the fried chicken itself already completes the Sunburst experience.

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Restaurant Information

Sunburst Fried Chicken
Cardinal Rosales Ave, Cebu City, Cebu, Philippines

Sunday Lunch @ Sunburst Fried Chicken
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