At Home @ Classic Savory

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For a change, we went to Robinsons Galleria Cebu to celebrate the Sunday mass at 10:30 AM. My dad also had a meet up with his former colleagues so we just went with him too.

After the mass, my mom and I had lunch at Classic Savory while my dad went to a coffee shop with his friends.

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It was noticeable in the restaurant their rich history. Frames of old pictures of their branches were displayed. I just found out they already existed more than 60 years. They started as a panciteria in Manila then evolved into a chicken house. Currently, they have 100 branches nationwide. Their dishes were a variation of Chinese and Filipino cuisine.

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My mom ordered Fish Fillet and Hototai Soup. The fish fillet was creamy and buttery with bits of mushroom on top. The fish had enough crispiness and softness in the inside. The Hototai Soup is made clear chicken broth with egg, meat, liver, seafood and vegetables. I like the soft shrimp they added in in the soup.

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I ordered a combo meal for myself. It had a quarter chicken, salt & pepper spareribs, a cup of rice and a fried banana. The meal was overwhelming that I had to bring some chicken and spare ribs at home. Their chicken had a distinct taste. No wonder it was their specialty.

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At Classic Savory, the ambience was home-like. They had enough tables and chairs for customers.

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Restaurant Information

Classic Savory
Level 2, Robinsons Place Galleria Cebu, Cebu City, Cebu, Philippines

At Home @ Classic Savory
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