Grillin' @ Sugbahan

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Finding some affordable and tasty barbecue in Cebu is not so hard to do. There are barbecue stalls on the streets with matching hanging rice or puso.

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There is also a place called Sugbahan where we can enjoy sumptuous grilled food and other Filipino dishes. Its name Sugbahan is a Visayan word for the grill where we cook those barbecues.

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They have grilled pork belly, fish, squid, pork and chicken barbecue. With the convenience of them grilling for you after shopping or runnig some errands, all we need to do is just wait for the order to be complete.

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We ordered pork and chicken barbecue meals. For every meal it would cost less than 100 pesos (USD 2). There would be 2 pieces pork barbecue or a quarter of chicken barbecue, then a cup of rice, soup and iced tea. The meal was really worth it.

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I could not really appreciate the ambience of the place since it was a common foodcourt for various food stalls. At least my tummy was satisfied even if how small I have paid for the food.

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Restaurant Information

Cardinal Rosales Ave, Cebu City, Cebu, Philippines

Grillin' @ Sugbahan
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Awesome post. The photos really made people drool... Omg... This kind of homely food is what we desire sometimes.

Love that meal! Simple and looking gorgeous yummy!