Healthy Snacking @ Yoshinoya

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After a tiring day, my family and I relaxed at a nearby Japanese restaurant, Yoshinoya. We ordered what was readily available since we already had lunch earlier.

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My mom saw California Maki and Kani Salad on display and ordered them right away.

California Maki is made with cucumber, mango, crab stick then rolled in seaweed sheet and sushi rice. It is also covered in flying fish roe (the orange beads).

2019-10-06 06.01.09 1.jpg

What makes Kani Salad different from other green salads? Like other salads, it has lettuce in it. Yet, it has crabs sticks and fish roe as toppings. Mangoes and cucumbers can also be added. It uses also the Japanese Mayonnaise to have its distinctly sour taste.

Eating these dishes makes me want to try more of the Japanese cuisine. Unfortunately, I was already satiated. Next time, I might have some ramen or rice bowl.


All of the dishes in Yoshinoya were quite affordable. The California Maki and Kani Salad were just 79 pesos (1.50 dollars) each. You can enjoy a bowl of ramen for just 200 pesos (4 dollars) or a rice bowl at 150 pesos (3 dollars).

2019-10-06 06.01.11 1.jpg

Place and Service

The place was clean and cozy. It kept up with the Japanese standard of simplicity and neatness. The place was not so full when we were there. May be because it was already past the peak hours.

2019-10-06 06.01.19 1.jpg

The crew was somehow polite. I was not able to track how long an order arrives since we ordered a readily available dish.

2019-10-06 06.01.14 1.jpg

I was happy we found a new place to dine and relax. It was also visible to my dad's big smile. 😊

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Love Lots,


Restaurant Information

Ground Floor SM City, Cebu City, Cebu, Philippines

Healthy Snacking @ Yoshinoya
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That looks good! Thanks for sharing this with us


Thanks too @sgbonus!

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