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Last Mother's Day, instead of us treating her, my mom brought us to Treat Street Cafe to have some desserts and coffee. It is located on an alley inside Ayala Cebu. Even if its just an open area, the place was pleasant. Not much people would pass this area.

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We ordered brewed coffee and three slices of cake: Choco Walnut Pie, Mango Cheese Cake and Brownie Ala Mode. The choco walnut pie was generously layered with walnuts. The choolate layer perfectly blended with the walnuts.

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The mango cheese cake highlighted the sweetness of the mangoes. As an avid fan of mangoes, adding some mangoes on top or even in the middle layer would be a plus.

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It was my first time to eat such huge brownie ala mode. My sister and I shared this but still we didn't get to eat everything. We just ate all the ice cream and brought home some brownie leftover.

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Treat Street Cafe offered some other cakes and pies. I would surely go back and try them.

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For me, the place was cozy enough. They have couches for those who want to relax a bit while enjoying their coffee or sweets.

2019-05-28 08.13.43 1.jpg

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Love lots,


Restaurant Information

Treat Street Cafe
Cardinal Rosales Ave, Cebu City, Cebu, Philippines

Treat Yourself @ Treat Street Cafe
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That was a real treat!


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It was indeed a big and yummy treat! Superb desserts!