Breakfast Buffet @ Golden Prince Hotel

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Some said, "Breakfast is the most important meal of the day". So why not enjoy it with a breakfast buffet at Golden Prince Hotel.

A wide variety of breakfast dishes were served in the buffet. There were cereals, pastries, salads, cold cuts, Filipino dishes with rice.

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Milk was readily available along with the cereals and oats. This is really best to eat to help with digestion.

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I had a bit of waffles and pancakes to have a bit of an English breakfast. Too bad my favorite bacon was nowhere to be found.

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I'm glad there were luncheon meat and cold cuts served.

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Of course, breakfast would not be complete with the eggs. I like it thst the sides were a bit crispy.

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Other tummy boosters were around, the salads! There were fresh green salads and fruit salads.

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Rice was available to enjoy a Filipino breakfast. You can pair it with various dishes such as the beef tapa, siomai, chicken nuggets, ampalaya and isda na paksiw.

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Lastly, Filipino desserts were served such as the puto cheese, macaroons and kutsinta.

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Overall, though the buffet was not as grand as served in five-star hotels, at least there was a variety of food to choose from.

Restaurant Information

Golden Prince Hotel and Suites
Acacia St, Cebu City, 6000 Cebu, Philippines

Breakfast Buffet @ Golden Prince Hotel
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Wow! They have so many food to choose from! 😍


They did have variety of food!

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Yeah, at mukhang masarap! 😊


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