Sweet tooth cravings @ Maxi Mango

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In the Philippines, summer is the season where you can see a lot of fruits on the streets. I can usually notice watermelons on the onset of the hot days while mangoes on the later part. There is even an oversupply of mangoes that the government is helping the farmers in selling. The price per kg of mangoes now lowered to 20-50 pesos ($0.5-1). Lately, various mango dessert stands are also flourishing in the country. There are mango shakes, tea with mango,mango taho and the famous mango float.

2019-06-09 04.52.22 1.jpg

At Maxi Mango, I tried their mango float in a cup. Usually, mango float is placed in rectangular container making it look like a cake. So it it is a trend that mango float is served in a cup.

2019-06-09 04.52.21 1.jpg

Other than mango float, they also have mango shake, mango keso or mango with cheese, mango ube and just mango cubes with ice.

2019-06-09 04.52.18 1.jpg

With just a cup of mango float, my sweet tooth craving was fully satisfied. In a cup, there was enough proportion of graham, mango and cream layers.

2019-06-09 04.52.20 1.jpg

Restaurant Information

Maxi Mango
Cebu City, 6000 Cebu, Philippines

Sweet tooth cravings @ Maxi Mango
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