Father's Day @ Choobi Choobi

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Celebrating Father's Day wouldn't be complete without dining at one of my dad's favorite places, Choobi Choobi. They specialize in Filipino cuisine.

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We ordered a lot during our visit: baked scallops, crispy pata, kinilaw, shrimp in a bag, calamares and chao tao miao.

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For the crispy pata, there were size choices and of course, we opt for the bigger one. I like how softness of the meat and the crispiness of the skin. The taste was also enough and not too salty.

2019-06-20 07.38.44 1.jpg

We chose butter garlic flavor for the shrimp. We can also choose other flavors such as sautéed in garlic, spicy gata, whole choobang (cajun sauce) and salted egg. I had fun eating the included corn as sidings.

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Kinilaw or raw fish meat in vinegar was also one of my faves. It's similar to Peru's
ceviche which is also raw fish with citrus juice. Aside from the vinegar, the kinilaw also has lemoncito, ginger, onions, tomatoes and chilis. Their kinilaw was not too spicy. Just fits for my not so spicy taste.

2019-06-20 07.38.38 1.jpg

The chao tao miao or stir fried pea sprout was of Chinese origin. There was not so much ingredients on this dish. You can really focus on the pea sprout. It's taste was refreshing. You can really feel the pea sprout flavor.

2019-06-20 07.38.47 1.jpg

Choobi choobi had an array of fruit shakes and juices. I had for myself lychee shake while others had mango shake, avocado shake and cucumber coolers. They do not have much choices for alcoholic beverages. Maybe they just opt to offer healthier drinks.

2019-06-20 07.38.54 1.jpg

Lastly, Belated Happy Father's Day to all dads out there! We had fun taking pictures to the photo booth. They also gave mini screw driver set as gift to all fathers dining.

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Restaurant Information

Choobi Choobi
Ouano Avenue, Mandaue Reclamation Area, Mandaue City, 6014 Cebu, Philippines

Father's Day @ Choobi Choobi
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Nice place, nice pictures, nice dishes and nice cake. You made me hungry. Excellent review