Tattoo Of The Week #6 - SPIDERMAN

3년 전

hey y'all,
ok so lets do a comic character this week, what do you reckon? and we'll go full colour and even specify a rotary machine and has to be from the USA! so who would be the best portrait, colour, rotary machine artist working out of the USA? that'd be Nikko. as in:
Spiderman by Nikko Hurtado, USA

you ain't never getting a slot but that's no reason not to check out his stuff here.

bang bang. bang bang bang. bang bang bang bang bang. and chimichangas,



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This is not Spiderman! 🤓


really? who is it then? ;-)


C'mon it's Avocadoman. He is just wearing a stupid Spidey-mask ;-)


Wade, he's a troubled guy...really ugly, that's why he loves the mask.

Great Tatoo! The colour is so vibrant.
I followed you, will you follow me back? Let's see :)