TATTOO OF THE WEEK #8 - What a Pretty Boy!

3년 전

ok, so hi, it's monday morning. so firstly, and to make that a little more bearable, here is a really, really, good tattoo. what's next then, well, how about some kind of high-brow art. in full colour. so... who knows Mucha? yeah, Alphonse Mucha. anyway, here is a version of one of his imagining of his muse but an american guy called Jeff Gogue. and Jeff is proper:
he loved it. even if it was facing the wrong way

you can check out more of Jeff's artwork here he has LOADS of massive (60+ hours) pieces and they all have a theme and a name and stuff. it's pretty intense. like what you see? please do re-steem, like, share, tweet, anything you like :-D the artist would sure appreciate it and so would we.

happy monday,


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crazy work and pain!!!