Tattoo Of The Week (T.O.T.W.) #5 - Portraits

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hey everysteems,
ok, so we were thinking (dangerous, granted, but hey) we've had a girl tattoo and a pretty one, we've covered cool and dipped into black & grey, so, how about... a portrait? yeah, a portrait! ok sweet, so the T.O.T.W. this week is a black & grey portrait of Eric Draven. from The Crow. not the J. O'Barr comic - which was awesome, you should totally check it out, in fact here is a link to the whole thing (and remember: if you enjoy it please go and BUY it) - anyway, this tattoo isn't of that Eric Draven. it is of the movie, Brandon Lee, Eric Draven. which as adaptations go was pretty awesome...

crow_victor del fuego, spain.jpg
"Mr. Happy" by Victor Del Fueyo from Spain

you can check out more of Victors work here or here if you like his stuff and want to see what you would have to do to get a tattoo by him. and if you do send it to @humanauction
so what do you think? like what you see? want to nominate an artist? request a style? please do like, share, resteem, tweet, comment or whatever - if you can spread the artists work i'm sure they would appreciate it nearly as much as this lady :-D that's it! come and say "hi" sometime and we can swap follows, photos & posts.
lastly, of course, our respect to the Lee family. R.I.P. Brandon :'-(
answers on a digital postcard below,

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Mad ink!!!!!!!!

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