Why should you consider joining the IDNI mailing list for updates on Tau-Chain & Agoras?

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If you've been following my blogposts around here the past couple of years, you might've noticed that my crypto game has been converging into these two projects: Steem and IDNI's Tau-Chain & Agoras. I've also specifically communicated about them in my witness post. My position remains unchanged to this day, although I'd probably need to write an update on it.

But Steem aside, today I would like relay the following message from one of IDNI's team as found in Tau-Chain's Facebook page:-

TML (Tau Meta Language) is in its last development stage so we are starting to periodically push updates to the community. Please join our mailing list to receive the latest updates on the project!

We would appreciate if you can share this link to those whom you think might find Tau-Chain or our community interesting.

TML, or Tau Meta Language is the core innovation that will make Tau-Chain & Agoras possible. Being the foundation made to carry the weight of the entire project, research and development on it is extraordinarily difficult. It's then great news to me that IDNI is now taking the next step in communications, indicating that TML is finally around the corner.

There are still plenty of work ahead, but progress on this front is by far the most important of all. In my opinion, Tau is the most exciting breakthrough since the emergence of Bitcoin and Steem. It's what I would personally call a layer zero protocol.

If you've been following some of the heated discussions in the cryptosphere, including some of our year-long frustrations about the Economic Improvement Proposal (EIP) on Steem, or just about anything and anywhere else in our everyday lives, you'd see that a lot of our problems can likely be boiled down to a single matter: discussions can hardly scale. It's not easy for us to understand each other, especially without the existence of a persistent logic companion. That said, TML seeks to be an indispensable technology that enables truly large-scale discussions for the first time in history.

Being a Steem enthusiast as well, I'd say that we're in a favorable spot to make best use of this upcoming technology. Over the past few months, I've cooked up a very broad and obviously premature plan for our community based on the current official roadmap of Tau. Nevertheless, the plan that I'd like to propose includes the following stages:-

  • Stage 1: Kickstart a content and curation community, especially with a working economy under Steem's EIP, tapping into the wealth of topics and possibilities surrounding Tau-Chain & Agoras. The world's biggest problems are also the world's biggest business opportunities, something which this project is already solving in the scaling of discussions.
  • Stage 2: Scaling our discussions when Tau is ready to do so, especially for making sense of complex worldviews and long-term conversations.
  • Stage 3: Defining the Steem protocol and building its applications on Tau-Chain at some point in time.
  • Stage 4: Leveraging on the Agoras Knowledge Market to further improve the functionalities and value proposition of Steem or some extension of its token / sidechain.

All the stages above are 33% gut feel, 33% calculated guess, 33% daydreaming, and 1% adrenaline at this point in time. Stage 1 and 2 seems very likely once and if the early stages of Tau works. As for Stage 3, it may have a lesser chance of happening compared to Stage 4.

Overall, I generally view Steem as a subjective social content protocol and Tauchain & Agoras as an objective social choice (or logical reasoning) protocol in which we can build everything else from, as long as they're expressible within the framework. Both of these relatively lightweight blockchain projects do seem like something anyone could have an account for in their daily use. One is application-specific and the other, application-general without the downsides of turing-completeness, made possible by TML. This could in turn, create massively-adopted decentralized social networks for markets to thrive.

Anyway, for a better idea of what TML is, please check out:-

If you're interested in joining IDNI's mailing-list: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSeHC-SMt0Ddh0EyWn409vC9Ns1xW-znxm1PhvwBxjesH0OYAg/viewform

Or here if you prefer to be linked through the original message: https://www.facebook.com/groups/tauchain/permalink/2399500953435353/

Disclaimer: Not to be taken as financial advice.
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Thanks a lot for sharing this interesting publication

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Always in for new development, will check it out. Thanks for sharing, I like the percentage dividing 😁😁

I read the publication and try to understand the details. Thank you very much for the material provided.

Thanks for this article, waiting for the lauch of this big techonolgy

Thanks for the information. very helpfull article

I read the article but Not understand very clear , but i think u r doing very hard work so best of luck !!👍👍👍

These types of writings of yours on Tau are like crack - I’m always left semi-stunned in extreme elation, for the next hit... 😈😎💖

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Inspite of all my enthusiasm to be a part of something revolutionary as tauchain and agoras. Comprehension is still a big part of my problems. I understand the idea on the surface to be a tool to make discussions start scaling. Hence, why I quickly bought some tokens. But beyond that, I couldn't envision a comprehensible use case for me to strategically position myself for what it will offer.

More than anything, I would appreciate a layman approach to explaining tau. Good job @kevinwong

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This idnl project, is it a project build on the blockchain

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Amazing, don't you got any problems with downvote clans?

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