The Doomsday Event Has Started, This Is Their Warning - Episode 1452b

4년 전

Certain Senators will benefit tremendously from the tax bill. Putin explains that change is coming and Russia will need to make changes in the economy etc. North Korea will discuss their nuclear program. Russia sees the IS being transported to Afghanistan, this will be the final battle. South Korea wants to delay military drills until after Olympics. The cabal is pushing the idea that NK is behind the Wannacry malware, proof is lacking, just like in the Sony hack. This is being used to push the doomsday event. The corporate media has admitted that the US plans and orchestrates false flags.

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I don't make my own content, typically, with alt-news related info, but I wanted to express how important the work that you do is. Thanks for all you do and God Speed Sir.

My thanks go out to you for your offer to assist those in alternative media. I hope to witness the result of your efforts in the future.

Your comments regarding the politicians in D.C. are definitely on target. I do however believe that the tens of millions they make in under the table and backdoor dealings actually take second place to their ability to LEGALLY trade on "Insider information" in the markets. Had I or any one of my fellow stockbrokers and investment bankers done the same we we would have been behind bars.

In America the fastest way to get rich is to get elected to office, go to D.C. with a small bank account and come home worth millions.

Recently Mike Adams from Natural News reported on the drug problem with our politicians. His headline was "Pharmacist who shuttle carloads of pharma drugs to Congress admits they're senile, brain-damaged patients who "might not even remember what happened yesterday". Do we really want these people representing us?

Please excuse my lengthy reply. We @questionuniv prefer to ask questions instead of make comments.

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Very good report , upvote

Yes, the Russians , Chinese and the US have been talking and i believe the US Dollar is going to take a back seat in the Reserve Currency stakes. Watch this space for the Yuan and gold. The Chinese and the Russians didnt buy all that gold for nothing.

You are right though about informing friends about this as whenever i tell people they say "you are scaring me".

Dave, you do an excellent job on these episodes! I am new to steemit and will be upvoting and resteeming to get your message out! Id advise everyone to do the same!