The Green party is proposing a "robot tax."

9개월 전
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Bill de Blasio may be out of the presidential race. But his call for a robot tax has been taken up by the Canadian Green Party (a small left-wing party that currently has one seat in Parliament, but is expected to expand to 4 or 5 in this month's election).

But like de Blasio, the Canadian Greens are not nearly ambitious enough! The robot tax must be combined with a mechanized transportation tax, a computer tax, and a printing press tax. This will create millions of new jobs for coachmen, porters, clerks, secretaries, and scribes, and make us all wealthy.

Perhaps also a special word processing tax, as word processors have displaced large numbers of typists and typewriter maintenance specialists. For example, in high school typing class, I got a degree certifying that I can use a typewriter as well as a professional secretary. Could I get a job based on this hard-won credential? Sadly, no! That's because greedy corporations have made it obsolete with their devilish newfangled word processing contraptions.

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