Don't "tax the rich"

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There's an important fact that is missed by the "tax the rich" folk-- besides the fact that "taxation" is theft whether they like to admit it or not. (And they don't; they HATE it. It makes them crazy.)

If you "tax" wealthy people you are stealing from me.

Even if you don't "tax" me, directly.

Even if you give me some "benefits" from it. I don't want a cut of the loot.

You are stealing money he might use to start a business that would benefit me. Or money she might use to buy something from me. Or money he might donate to me because he has so much excess and can't figure out how to use it.

But even if none of that happens, you are funding antisocial political government to my detriment.

It's just as bad as calling for Big Business to "pay more taxes". It's a lie. I can't afford for you to "tax" anyone.

"Taxation" steals from me even if it never touches me otherwise. It steals money, opportunities, and liberty.

I will never support a plan to "tax" anyone, for any reason, ever.

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This is a very good point.

Even better than
Taxing the rich doesn't work.
The rich can avoid any taxes levied against them.

And corporations never pay taxes, they collect taxes from their customers.

Trying to get other people to pay for you just results in you paying more.

I find it strange that the tax advocates I meet online have no interest in demolishing the subsidies, bailouts, protectionist regulations, inflationary monetary policies, etc. that enrich some at the expense of everyone else. Instead of reducing control, their solution is more of what created the problem.


yeah, not to mention this guys seems to be a real life "trickle down economics" type which was proven to be a total hoax time and time again.


The "trickle down" idea is an oversimplification if not outright mischaracterization of Chicago-influenced econ policy. We are where we are as a direct result of applied Keynesianism for nearly a century. Maybe we need Austrian econ for once. But the powers that should not be hate any analysis that tells them to let go of power.

Laissez-faire is not "trickle-down." It's a simple observation that when someone is deprived of wealth, their choices for productive, voluntary exchnage is curtailed. Taxation is extortion, and the fact that governments operate by coercion is proof that their monopoly expenditures are not valued by the market.