"Tax Reform 2.0": Republicans Unveil Second Round Of Proposed Tax Cuts

3년 전

After implmenting tax cuts last year, Reublicans are looking to add another round.

Dubbed Tax Reform 2.0, this seeks to make the individual rates permanent, eliminate the age one can contribute to retirement accounts and allow businesses to write off more start-up costs.

With the mid-term elections just around the corner, this could be an attempt by Republicans to sway attention away from President Trump who is a bit of a lightening rod of late.

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Sounds good, we shouldn't tax things we want there to be more of, like income.


Sounds good, we shouldn't
Tax things we want there to be
More of, like income.

                 - funbobby51

I'm a bot. I detect haiku.


it is even more profound when you say it @haikubot

Hopefully more income tax cuts to come!

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Taxes and low public expenses are the way to grow.

Argentina has very high taxes and it is very complicated to do business.

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