The cash ban passes the House of Representatives

9개월 전

In spite of the thousands of objections submitted by the Australian people the cash ban has just sailed through the House of Representatives with minimal resistance.

In a move that should shatter any remaining illusions of democracy our politicians from both sides have passed (the first stage) what is possibly the most fascist legislation Australia has ever seen. This is government giving control of our monetary system private enterprise and will take away our rights to privacy and financial freedom.

There was some objection which went mostly unheard but the majority has passed this in complete contempt of the people of Australia. Welcome to the soviet republic of Australia.

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Uh.....what the actual fuck? I thought the thing was going to committee and there were new submissions being sent in?


It seems like the submissions are just being ignored (and hidden). It still has to go through the senate for review so all hope isn't lost.

The sitting in parliament was a complete farce Katter & few others spoke out against it but there was almost no-one there when they spoke. They basically just rubber stamped it and walked out.

Just in time for recession and negative interest.....
Bitcoin anyone?

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The government controls your guns, then your money and eventually your speech. Then off to the gulags with you.

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and it's the anti-gun lot that will be first in the camps ...idiots.

O crap😠

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I couldn't put it much better than Martin& Robbie did in Martin's latest vid.