This Passive Income Side Hustle Has Made Numerous Millionaires, and Isn't yet Saturated ๐Ÿค‘๐Ÿค‘๐Ÿค‘


Hey guys, thanks for tuning in. Today's video is about a Side Hustle I recently learned about that likely will appeal to those of you who are Amazon Merch & Red Bubble, those of you who are Graphic Designers, or just those of you into Passive Income.

I recently learned of a platform called Teachers Pay Teachers where Teachers. It's a marketplace type platform where teachers can sell their lesson plans to other teachers. I should add that you do not need to be a teacher to participate.

Why I thought this was interesting is it doesn't yet seem to be saturated I haven't seen any Digital Marketers or anyone in the Make Money Online community promoting this platform so I think it's ripe for some marketers and hustlers to come in and make some money.

On this platform you can sell anything from videos to flashcards to craft projects and teachers lesson plans. There's two types of accounts a Free Basic Account where they only pay you out 55% of proceeds you earn, and a Premium Account which costs $59.95 per year, but which pays out 80%.

If this is something you want to dabble with I'd start off with the Free Plan, and if you actually have some success with it upgrade to the premium plan as if you're making decent sales the increased 25% payout will easily pay the $60 yearly fee.

If any of you are already selling on this platform drop a comment and mention anything I left out, and let us know how you're doing.

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