"Oblgaz" - the results of the 2017-2018 season.

3년 전

The season is over, the passions have subsided. Now a little statistics of our team and players.

"OBLGAZ" in the championship held 26 games, which won 19 wins, one match played a draw and suffered 6 defeats. The difference between the goals scored and the goals conceded 112-68. With 58 points scored, the team took the 4th place, this is the best result of the team for all of its existence. Unfortunately, quite a bit was not enough for us to ascend the pedestal. Only on additional indicators, "OBLGAZ" remained outside the line of the winners.
Only two players, Roman Kuvshinov and Yaskevich Cyril took part in all matches of the team.
The best scorer of "OBLGAZ" in the championship was Kovalev Egor, who managed to excel 20 times. Zeynalov Yuri scored one goal less (19). It is noteworthy that our goalkeeper Musatov Konstantin noted with one well-aimed blow.
The final segment of the championship "OBLGAZ" spent in one breath giving out ten-match winning streak.
Our team was the only one that managed to outplay the entire top three of the championship prizewinners.

The best goals of the season 2017-2018:

Pinegov Eugene.

Yaskevich Cyril.

Kovalev Yegor.

Beglyak Evgeny

All Steem Dollars will go to support the team "OBLGAZ".

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