Australian Roll Call... Let's see where you're from!

3년 전

I've been on Steemit for a while now and have probably only crossed paths with a handful (if that) of fellow Australians. I know there are some good content creators from Aus, so let's have a roll call to see where everyone is from and what brings you to the Steemit platform!

I'm from Brisbane. Was intrigued when I watched a video on Youtube by @thedollarvigilante and headed on over to check Steemit out. I've been on and off ever since and have found the site full of great info in relation to cryptos (both where to invest and what goes on behind some of the projects).

Can't wait to meet some more like minded Aussies.

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I'm in QLD - Fernvale. I am here to play my guitar averagely and learn new things. Have you signed up on Discord?


@outoftune that's cool... Ferndale is not far up the road...and the bakery is to die for!

I haven't signed up on discord. Is it worth a look?


Worth doing if you want to chat to people :)