Coin Faucets - Are they worth it?

3년 전

Coin Faucets

So I have been doing a little bit of reading online and watching some videos and came across these things called faucets... I know I know, I am not the first person to discover these, nor am I going to be the last but what has taken my interest is the fact that all of these faucets pay out free cryptocurrency.

A quick Google search turned up a plethora of these faucets and the promise of FREE coins, but from what I saw on some of the sites not all faucets are created equal. I started thinking to myself how could I use all of these faucets to my advantage... YouTube came to the rescue here.

A cloud mining website named Eobot - where you can exchange small amounts of crypto for mining hash power popped up in the search results. Then I got to thinking... What if I was able to send all of the free faucet crypto directly to Eobot to buy hash power so that I could 'mine' other (more useful) coins like STEEM. The screenshot shows all of the coins that are able to be earned. The list is quite extensive!

My goal on Eobot will be to increase my hash speed to at least 100 GH/s... Currently it sits at 2.5GH/s. After I reach the 100 GH/s mark I will use the hash power to 'mine' STEEM or maybe even diversify into a couple of different coins.

I have already secured a number of different faucets for different coins and will be updating a couple of times a week with how they are going and how to move the funds from faucet accounts over to Eobot.

Feel free to give me a follow and an upvote if you're keen to see how things progress. Leave a comment and say hi!

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