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So I was thinking last night what today's whisper would be about... I was divided between the novel St. Valentines bullshit from Wednesday and something that's a little more relevant to everyone... As you can see by the title I decided I'd give the romantics out there a hall pass (this time).

I'm a teacher by profession, and while I will openly admit it is not the most glamorous job out there, it does take quite a bit of education and practice to actually be good at it... Well one would think so until I met a couple of "teachers" I share a staff room with.

I know my industry isn't the only one but why the fuck do some people take up a profession and do nothing but complain about the work involved? Yes, teaching requires work... if you expect to simply show up and stand in front of 30 students and be able to do a good job you're kidding yourself... You studied this shit... you probably finished at least two practical blocks and you still complain that the job takes work. Are you kidding me?

The worst part is that these people are getting paid the same as I am... My 50 hour fortnight looks very different to the 50 hour fortnight of these other individuals. I turn up at least an hour before classes start and leave an hour after classes finish, while I sit back and watch a few individuals turn up 10 minutes before school and leave pretty much the same time as the students.

To top things off these are the very same people who want to use all of your resources and never, ever, ever contribute anything to job. They get by riding the coattails of all of the hard working professionals out there. Professional accountability needs to be stepped up... this kind of employee really pisses me off.

To finish, all I have is a short message to these individuals. Get off your lazy incompetent asses and do something. Turn up to work and try to be a little bit helpful. Earn the money that gets deposited into your bank every two weeks. Oh and if you can't get to work on time set your alarm a little bit earlier... It won't hurt to see the sun come up every once in a while.

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