***WEEKLY WHISPER #4 - Scam profiles of Facebook***

3년 전

Now come on Mark Zuckerberg... Facebook should now be sophisticated enough to be able to weed out people signing up to simply try and refer people to their naked webcam sites... Alas, this doesn't seem to be the case. Read on...

Please don't get me wrong, like any other red blooded male around the world I appreciate a some nudity but why the fuck do these girls feel the need to get on FB, create a page and then expect me to accept a friend request when it is so obvious they are just a spam account looking for a wider audience and a referral bonus (not unlike some of our favorite Bitconnect fans).

It seems that every time I comment on a post, send a message to a friend or hit like a photo or comment 10 minutes later I get the buzz on my phone telling me I have a new friend request... The excitement starts creeping up, I'm thinking who could this be? Will it be the girl of my dreams trying to connect with me? Will it be that amazing offering a job to relieve me from my 9-5.

FUCK NO... It's just some fake ass (hot) bitch wanting me to click on her link to watch her play on cam. Fuck off already. If that's what I wanted to watch I'm sure a quick Google search would get me there. It seems the only thing you need to be a cam model is a Facebook page, a fake rack and a few thousand people willing to pay you to shake your ass in front of the world!

At least on Steemit the bots are way more obvious hahaha. They're the ones that do most of the upvoting these days!

Only a short rant today! I am looking forward to getting into the new NRL and AFL seasons... I am sure there will be a few good hate fueled rants between March and September!

Thanks for reading! Upvote follow and resteem in you know what I'm talking about! I'm sure I am not the only one.

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You got that right! Damn bots, but be nice to the Bots, they will rule the world one day...


Hahaha, you're not wrong there my friend!!