A fellow Steemian's little sister needs our help

3년 전

So I just stumbled on the profile of @kodieamos after he commented on my @sbbank project and found this heartbreaking song about his little sister who was born with severe spinal problems:

Sadly, Kodie's post only got a dollar worth of upvotes ...

Is that the best we can do Steem?

Analeise Amos - https://www.brightnewsounds.com/analeise

Analeise needs 100K for the surgery, that might be a bit of a stretch, but I know we can do better than one measly SBD.

ALL of the rewards from this post will be sent to @kodieamos to go towards Analeise's surgery and @SBBank will be contributing another 150 STEEM. Upvotes, resteems and donations of SBD and STEEM encouraged. Send donations to my account or direct to @kodieamos with memo "4Analeise".

You can find Kodie's original post here and more info about Analeise's condition here (warning: photos might be distressing for some).

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Thank you @bulleth for sharking this

Also thank you everyone for your support. I want to share more information about the tomfoolery we have been dragged through over the past 4+ years awaiting this surgery. I'll be looking for all the documents and collating all the up-to-date information and making a new post in the next few days. Will post the link here for anyone interested :)

Once again
Thank you for your kind words and support <3
Much Love
Kodie & Family


No worries mate, should be 400 AUD or so there for your sister when all's said and done :D

Boosted that vote to 100% and resteemed. Thats a good thing your doing there mate.

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Good luck Analeise ❤️

@kodieamos you're an awesome brother

Wow, this is so touching.
I wish her all the best in life.
I wish i could do more for her.
Will be praying for her.


100% agree with you.

Full upvote and resteem!

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Fully upvoted and resteemed. Is there a donation link for OUTSIDE of steem that we can promote as well?


There is a paypal donation button at the bottom of https://www.brightnewsounds.com/analeise I can't seem to pull the link from it though. @kodieamos do you have a BTC address or PayPal direct link people can share around?


Here you go! Also will be posting a video in the next few days to say hi and thankyou :D w/ my sister

PayPal :

Cryptonator Wallet (BTC only) :

Hi everyone. Being the father of a son, who was born with Down's Syndrome, I can probably feel the agony in the voice and every word of this young guy more than several other fellows here. I'm going to rather encourage the family to have adopted a wonderful way; to wake us all up and come forward with a favor; that literally takes nothing out of us, got it? Hopefully, the wise ones got my point right....

Calling @originalworks :)
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Good luck for her, I wish I could have something to give her.

Looks like that @kodieamos post had past upvote period. I upvoted here. This is sad, I hope others upvote too. Thanks for sharing this.

upvoted, promoted and here is my comment! Great post. I am on a mission to help as many causes like this as I can! #CANSTRALIA

What an amazing support you are giving! I wish @kodieamos and his suster all the best.

Only a buck. Lets change that!

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My upvote is worth almost nothing, but here I leave it, I will also resteem ... We can all help in some way! God bless that girl, and you, for helping her.


my upvote is also worth almost nothing, but I added @kodieamos to my rules on steemvoter so he'll get my almost nothing for a while on each of his posts, which might add up to something

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How you did it? Its a great idea!


go to https://steemvoter.com/ and create an account, then create a rule to vote on posts he makes. It's actually pretty simple, and allows you to decide what strength vote you want to use, and how long after he posts you want to upvote it.

Wow, Wow, wowwwwww

😍A very informative post. Great job. Keep it up! 😍
OpenMusic Steemit Kiss.gif

Hi @Bulleth,

I'm @joshua-golbuu, or Josh for short and I just joint @TeamAustralia a few week ago (I moved from the islands of Micronesia to Australia to study and live here).

I just wanted to drop a note to say hello. But its so much more to see what #Team Australia is all about when I read your post. Thank you so much for letting all of us know about Analeise so we can all help in big and small ways.

I have written to @kodieamos first, upvote, and resteem his current post to show support, he's just such an amazing big brother.

I don't have many recent post because I just finish my last exam on Friday, but I very much like to get to know everyone in our team. Hope we will meet on Steemit.

Here is my re-intro post to share a little about myself: https://steemit.com/teamaustralia/@joshua-golbuu/from-micronesia-to-australia-my-journey-re-introducing-myself-to-teamaustralia-and-to-everyone-in-steemit-after-my-exams

Peace ✌ & 💖 love!

Just resteemed

thanks for sharing and helping the boy to collect money for his sister

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good job.

wow votes 190 earn 169$..you're great

Such a amazing

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i like your post

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it looks as it is too much to ask for just an upvote for this poor kid to help...shame shame shame....
its not a life saving they ask for,any vote people give, will help.
any voting power gonna recharge again,as people here on steemit should know......
is that the spirit here??? i dunno...
btw u got my 100% upvote,if i could vote twice i would....

Greaat post thanks for upvote I upvoted you and followed thanks again ;)

This is so touching. I wish the best for the young girl.

I am from Nigeria and thanks for informing us, we shall donate to this course cos i have been in tears since reading of her condition. It's not much but it could add to it.


Me too, she deserves a chance at healthy living.

  ·  3년 전

So touching..

God Bless @kodieamos to your little sister.

@bulleth, Your contributions to our common cause have enabled me to help you with this up-vote! I very well remember that you started feeding me 20 days ago. Together, we both become stronger every day.

Yours, Spinny

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Awesome effort! Over $230 from this post! Just loving it

sharing is indeed caring...love

Great job. God bless.

you have this BOTTY love :]

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m8 I am so sorry to hear about your sisters condition I gave my best upvote and resteemed this. You and your family are in my prayers. Please continue singing writing and playing music for your sister and yourself it is a beautiful thing you have done.

so touching, good luck for her

Upvoted and Followed both of you, @bulleth and @kodieamos. Resteemed. Best of luck to young Analeise. Please keep us updated on her progress:) ❤️

Thank you so much for stepping up and helping Kodie and his little sister. Resteemed the post and will help as much as I can and also lots of prayers.
Kodie is a great big brother and I wish Analeise all the best and praying for her healing.

Best of Luck for her. I hope she finds all the glory and happiness in this world.


I love that you did this bulleth massive respect to you,Kodie the community is with you.

Not much! Glad to help. 🐓🐓

Resteemed. Good luck.

What kind of help does she needs...if its health wise i wish i could help.

good luck. you are awesome.

Greaat post thanks for upvote I upvoted you and followed thanks again ;)

😥 Oh man! Thank you for pointing this out I definitely support this young man and I definitely appreciate seeing something positive in your support!!

Definitely got my upvote.

Though I am new to Steemit.

Resteemed for sure!

Medicare won't cover it.
Sorry, kid; I know you're crippled and all, but all these abortions and gender re - assignments don't pay for themselves.


Have some fucking class FFS. Honestly.


You think its okay that she'll be taxed her whole life to pay for Medicare when they waste money on rubbish but won't help a genuine case?


Do you honestly think it's OK to be trying to kick political goals in this post?


I'm disgusted that this family has to go begging for the money to pay for this desperately needed surgery, and I'm amazed that you're apparently shrugging that off.
Where's your outrage?


Hes not shrugging it off, neither am I, my daughter might have to go through spinal surgery in a few months too so I know the terror.

Focusing on outrage at this time.. Whats that gonna do for this little girl Matty?

She needs us to help. So we help. Cos thats what we do.

Angst and hate has no place on this post right now. Maybe on another post.


hope your daughter will survive the surgery too @bearone


I simply love your articles, what great content and quality of posting you offer the community here on Steemit and abroad.

Thanks a lot :)


Did you read the post?