What's in my handbag and was I a fat teenager?

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Hola! This is a post I've been sitting on for a while. I half wrote it in Brisbane in December, but then went to the Gold Coast for a few days, came back to Panama, got busy, got bored, and forgot about it.

But then people started requesting that I write more posts that aren't Team Australia updates or Travel Digests so here is an attempt to do exactly that. 

This could very well turn out to be a shit post, but let's continue anyway and see how it goes.

👜Challenge numero uno: What's in my bag? 👜


The 'what's in my bag' challenge was started by @ramengirl. I was nominated by the lovely @livinguktaiwan about two months ago. I'm so late to the game, I don't even know if anyone is still doing this. 

Hmm, they are not. I just checked #whatsinmybag and I'm the only one there. 

Woo! Straight to the top of the trending list!

I only have two handbags these days. I had a lot more but I culled them all when I left Australia since I only brought 50kg worth of material possessions with me. 

My other bag is a smaller going out bag, so this is the one I use every day.

It is by Matt & Nat, which is a Canadian 100% vegan bag company. I bought this at the Brisbane Vegan Festival a few years ago. It was not cheap but I love it and the quality is awesome. 

I think the colour is really nice and it goes with pretty much everything I wear. Plus it's a good size. I hate really big bags, and small bags are generally impractical for everyday purposes. So this is the Goldilocks of handbags.

The other thing I like about this is the lining. It's made from recycled plastic bottles!

The only problem I have with this bag is it appears to be succumbing to mould. If you've been reading my stuff for a while or listened to me rant in #teamaustralia in PAL Discord, you know that living in Panama, I'm in a constant battle with the stuff. I've tried cleaning it with vinegar but that hasn't worked too well. I'm reluctant to use anything too harsh in case it damages the bag. So for now I just put up with it.

👜 Let's move onto the contents 👜

I took these photos in Australia but it's still got the same stuff in it more or less, so I don't feel the need to update them. 

  • Purse. I have an Oilily purse. It's so colourful and pretty and it's also vegan. I really like it.
  • Umbrella. I use this all year round in Panama. Either cos it's a) the wet season and pissing down raining or b) the dry season and mega sunny. Using umbrellas to block the sun is much more of a common sight in Latin America than Australia. I don't know why Aussies don't do it, it's fucking brilliant.
  • Keys. These were to my friend's house where I was staying, and my sister's house in Australia. Both sets are back with their respective owners and have been replaced with the front door key card to my apartment. Yes, it's like living in a hotel. One tap and you're in.
  • Afro comb. I like wide tooth combs. I'm very rough on my hair and I'm pretty sure I'd have even more breakage if I used a regular one.
  • Hair stuff. I'm always carrying bobby pins and elastics around for crossfit. You never know when you might need to work out and require a ponytail. 
  • A usb stick. This had a bunch of tv shows on it which I watched in Australia. Well, mostly on the plane going over and coming back. It's no longer in my handbag.
  • Powder, lipstick and lip balm. They're gone. I'm not doing daily catch-up lunches with friends now that I'm back in Panama so I'm not feeling the need to carry makeup around. Plus I don't wear makeup in the day here anyway since it just slides off with the heat. The lip balm was a freebie from the plane. I don't know where that went. I think it's around somewhere.
  • Hand sanitizer. It's also gone from my handbag since I don't eat out much and therefore don't need it.
  • Panadol. I don't get a lot of headaches, but I like to have two pills in my purse ready to pop just in case.
  • Travel nail file. This was my purse next to the Panadol but I seem to have lost it, which I'm a bit annoyed about. I liked the mini size. It fit perfectly.
  • #4 raffle ticket. This was some pub competition up in Cairns. I didn't win. I think I chucked it after taking this photo.
  • Tissues. These were from the plane. I think there was only one left in there. Pretty sure it's still in my bag.
  • Phone. That was my old phone. It was a piece of shit and needed replacing so I bought the latest Google Pixel in Brisbane, which I love. This crappy old Samsung has been relegated to a drawer. Next time I go back to Australia I'll drop it one of those phone recycling bins at Vodafone or the Post Office or wherever.
  • Jimmy Choo sunglasses. I love these. I first saw them in Jimmy Choo in Hawaii a couple of years ago but didn't want to pay US$600 or whatever they were. I found them online in Australia for a couple of hundred dollars less from a Hong Kong distributor (legit, not fake). I remember it took forever for them to arrive but they are so nice. I'm a massive fan of blue stuff. I've probably worn them everyday since I got them. After taking this photo I noticed one of the Swarovski crystals has fallen out of the top left. This makes me sad and a bit annoyed.

And that's it. As you can see the contents of my handbag are not very exciting. @onethousandwords suggested I throw some extra stuff in there to spice it up a bit, but I don't even have anything interesting that I could add. 

Urgh! I'm so boring. Sorry.

However, I do like my the bag and the purse, so check out those brands if you are looking for something vegan to carry your stuff around in.

💥 Bonus challenge 💥

There was a challenge going around the Chinese community at the start of 2018 to post a photo of your 18-year-old self and discuss. I was nominated by fellow vegan @magicmonk after meeting him at the Brisbane meet-up in December.

Here's me when I was 18. I don't know what the fuck I'm wearing but it's making me look fat. I wasn't. I've never had a weight problem. 

It was the last week of school, and the cool first year teachers who were living in a share house invited a bunch of us to their place to hang out and have dinner before we all went our separate ways in life. There was no drinking since most of us were still 17. However, I had already turned 18 by year 12 since I spent a year in France as an exchange student in year 11. It didn't count when I got back so I graduated a year older than the rest of them. 

I'm guessing me and my friend decorated the pavlova. I'm pretty sure I've never actually made a pavlova in my life, but who knows, maybe we made and decorated the entire thing.

I'm not going to tag anyone to do either of these challenges cos I can't be arsed. However, if you like the sound of posting the contents of your handbag and/or finding the least embarrassing photo of yourself as a teenager to ink to the block, let me know and I'll name and shame you.


There's been some interest so I nominate the following people for the #whatsinmybag challenge:

Footer by @ryivhnn

Page dividers by @kristyglas

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You weren't fat Choo Choo you just had a bad top on.
Try this it's appropriate and slimming........



Lol! 😭 I'm dying.


Best shirt ever 😂😂😂😂

Whilst everyone seems to think I am a bloke, I am not!! So it is with this shocking revelation that I reveal to you, the sausage sports a handbag!! If I was to divulge to you the contents of said handbag, I would surely shock the average reader, and leave them perplexed and potentially doubting of my sex. Whilst my confession is the truth, I am a painter and decorator and my handbag contains (ok here we go) many a tool, makeup, left over spag-bol (for lunch ) a Christmas card (?... fuck I need to clean this bag out!!) phone charger iPad with keyboard, oh a second smaller iPad (.... that’s where it is!!) a book, (the gift of mindfulness) a reel of white cotton, perfume (kalvin Kline obsession) tampons,deodorant can, duster brush, superglue, obligatory assortment of small coins, Qualia key, lenses cap, moisturiser, and ffs I even have a packet of sweet pea seeds, just in case I feel like doing a bit of gardening (obviously!) My god, no wonder my shoulder is sore!! Thank you @choogirl for the inspiration to clean out the mini skip handbag! Jesus, no wonder I get stopped at airport security with disturbing frequency!! I had to stop listing what’s in the bag, it just way way way too embarrassing!!Regards @steemsausage


Shock and horror!! Who would mistake that someone with the name of @steemsausage was a lady!

Please let there be a sausage in your handbag!


Unfortunately not!! Lol only left over spaghetti bolognaise that was for my lunch at work today!! Lol ! I call everyone sausage! And I have a jack Russell x sausage dog!! Hence the name!! Nice to meet you @scooter77


Lol. You need to prioritise this challenge for your next post!


Ohh and Choo girl, just the heads up, vinegar doesn’t kill all mould, but it does etch the substrate you are applying it to, which essentially increases the surface area allowing mould to really hang on to your handbag!!Leave vinigar spray on bag for and hour After using the vinigar spray the bag with a mix of baking sofa and water (1 teaspoon of baking sod’s to 2 cups of water) rinse and repeat!


Oh thank you. I will try that. I hadn't thought of using a baking soda mix as well.


Oh my god, this needs to be a post. You are getting nominated. I'm going to update my post.


Ohh i feel ya @steemsausage ...decided to take my own bag apart after reading @choogirl post :)

Ohh dear...so many wonderfull findings...(a few comments down)

I was sure that syndrome belonged only to man, but after reading your comment...i know now it trancends gender :))

On another note, ill trade your sweet pea seeds for my solar panel and charging controller, send me your details so we can arrange an exchange :):)


The sausage sports a handbag.
Oh, thank you for that, I needed a hearty laugh.

Awesome post @choogirl

It always amazes me how organized and well planned a woman's handbag can be, everything has a meaning, everything has a reason, there is a head count everyday and the items that werent functioning properly in the past week or so being switched immediately with a more useful carry on :)

More importantly there is logic, there is a map...

Most man on the other hand.....wow... (perhaps just me? )

I have some strange items in my bag...i think perhaps 3 of them are actually functional, for the others I am still trying to find that perfect use :)

1)Spare t-shirt - probably should be washed by now.
2)Some important papers...I guess... :)
3)My wallet
4)My tobacco pouch
5)Scissors - probably should take those out
6)Hmmm - missed that one
7)Not sure what this part is - but it must belong to something that i need :)
8)My e-cigarette - so i can avoid touching #4
9)hydroponic 4" net cup?! - dont ask me why i need it in my bad, for two month I am trying to figure it out my self
10)Electric Conductivity Meter
11)My mouse
12)Not sure what it is - but it looks cool
13 +14)Solar charging controller + solar panel - in case I would suddenly decide to go off grid ;)
16)Some screws
17)My business cards
18)My keys
19)My business stamp
20)PH regent for Potential Hydrogen testing - why?!?! so I can test my water on the GO :)
21)Phosphoric Acid 85% - yes yes....some have hand sanitizers ;) and I have phosphoric acid... wtf is wrong with me?! :)

and those are just the describable items, there are also some other items that probably should not be shown in public :))


That's a lot of stuff. Are you carrying all this around daily just to go down to the shops and whatnot, or were you going somewhere specific and this is what you needed when you got there?


No no, I got to that place a long time ago...and came back, but the stuff are still in the bag :)

It's just that i am constantly facing the decision to take them out, but something in me says i might need it again soon....and you know what...about 40 minutes ago I just found an awesome use for my screws...and they even helped another person :))

So never know when i will need the Phosphoric acid again...

THIS IS A BEAUTIFUL ARTICLE> Don't get started on plastic , i will be uploading an article soon on rubbish and plastic in our local waterways on the east,coast of Australia


Why thank you!

Hhhhmmmmm. Not sure what to think about this post.

  1. Handbags are not my thing and I really don't believe that is all you have in your handbag. Ladies handbags are notorious blackholes and maybe your arms are not long enough to get to the bottom of yours!

  2. Being invited around to your teachers house at the end of schooling is downright creepy and bordering on illegal..... No you don't look fat but the pavlova looks delicious!

Thanks for posting something that allows me to critique and comment on! Yours Truly, Scooter the awesome!


Lol. Not mine. There's actually less in it now that when I took the photo. I don't see the point of carrying around shit I don't need to be carrying around. Actually I loved travelling through South America cos all I had was a small money belt most of the time. Or if we went out, you would stick some cash/card in your bra. No bag at all. That was a beacon for robbers.

It was the 90s. They were young. We were young (but had finished school so not that young). It was fine. Stop thinking like a bureaucrat.


Yes I guess it was ok in the 90’s????? All the infamous peadophiles were active during the 1990’s!


They were first year teachers, no pedos. It was all good.

Is your Account Name "Choogirl" derived from the sunglasses?


Close. I have a reasonable amount of Jimmy Choo shoes from back in the day, which is where I actually got it from.

Moving across the world will certainly lighten up the load!! Your bag is pretty empty , that's good just the essentials, I have to dump the content of mine to find anything, I used to live in the east coast of Canada and it gets pretty warm and muggy in the summer, I can imagine the melting makeup dilema...lol....it's not a good look haha. Make up is not that good for the skin, you are better off! we all had questionable fashion choices when we were 18, don't sweat it!! you were still cute :) I enjoyed your story and more personal post.


Lol. Thank you. In my defence, it was the 90s.

This is a very detailed explanation, you even showed us the lining of your bag! I really liked your Jimmy Choo sunglasses, they are SO FANCY


Well it is a 'what's in my bag' post. I think it would be dull if I didn't go into some detail.

Yes, I love those sunglasses too. I think they are my favourite pair I've ever owned.

At last!!!

You would fit in well in Taiwan with your brolly in the summer


I know, I'm shit. I'm sorry.

Oh yeah, the Asians are into the umbrella for sun too hey?


I use it, I have delicate skin.

A woman's closest secrets revealed. But why do women carry such big bags with only just a few things in them?
Is it bigger the better?
The other night this 20 something was carrying a handbag about 50cm wide and 40cm high, and I noticed she spent the night dancing with it.
Go figure.


Hey, not just women! I have a messenger bag that I carry around that (unless I'm travelling) is less than a quarter full. But it has sooooo many pockets and zip compartments! Plus, I hate moving stuff around to a smaller bag because I need the space when I have work stuff (like concert shoes or jackets) to take.


I have no idea. I'm not one of those women. I tend to go for the smallest one that will fit whatever I need to carry around.

Bonus points for the presence of Panadol. Nostalgic for my mums solution to everything.


Yep, Panadol fixes most things. And you can get the woolies brand now, which is about 90c a packet. Cheap as!

I LOVE this post. I'll have to do one myself sometime. Cool on the vegan bags - the wallet is pretty cute. Not sure on cleaning it, have you thought about reach out to the maker? (I'm sure you have)

"I'm guessing me and my friend decorated the pavlova. I'm pretty sure I've never actually made a pavlova in my life, but who knows, maybe we made and decorated the entire thing."

Seriously, who really makes pavlovas!? :)


Thanks. Would you like me to nominate you for the challenge Sarah?

I just went to go see what I had in my purse and I should probably use it more. My work purse has a lot more "fun" items. Like pens, paper, and an emergency kit. This contest needs to pick up, its much better than the Black and White challenge.


Well, consider yourself nominated! I've updated my post to include you.


That's almost flag worthy you crazy!


It's on block. You have to do it now.

Oooh, so far I'm the only one who carries a weapon in her purse??


Um... Yes, I think you might be. Do you live in rough neighbourhood Lena?


Nope, just Texas. Haha. I guess I'm just used to having one, so now I feel naked without it.

I Really loved this post!!! Smiled the whole time reading it! Definitely like learning about u not through teamaushussle posts :) but grateful u do it of course! U are building a community one of those most important thing during this Aquarian Age <3 love the Vegan bag and purse too! I need some new ones, i will look them up! Thanks for sharing! love the Vegan bag and purse too! I need some new ones, i will look them up! Thanks for sharing!


Aw, thank you! I'm not sure if you can get Oilily in Australia. I don't recall seeing it before. I bought it online from the US while living over here, but obviously you could dig around on the interwebs as well.

You were so cute, adorable! I love your bag, I am happy to see that you're also eco-friendly, I will have to look for something similar here in Europe! Have a great day @choogirl!


Thanks. I'm sure you can find this brand if you look online. Also you should remove your vote since it's way past the payout date.


Oh I didn't see that! Thanks for being so thoughtful! Thank you @choogirl!!

lol... G’day! You never failed to make me laugh hard with your shit posts, so here’s my shit comment. Take care, mate.


Lol. Thank you! I'll take your comment.

  ·  3년 전

oops,i thought it was a TA update....wrong post...anyway too late and i wasnt reading it proper....lol...

Fantastic... The bag is trying to accommodate all this stuffs.... Lol , anyways that's women for us

beautiful and interesting
thanks for your information and explanations

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Tub Cat should start a #whatsinmytub challenge.


I'll be part of that...... Though it will most likely be NSFW!

damn i thought that was a pizza at first glance and i was thinking how did you get it so fluffy looking lol

Very interesting ! I need to see what's in my purse ... or better not :)