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Spotcoin: ICO
Is an exchange built on the Neo blockchain, based in Georgia. The digital asset exchange will focus on a user friendly interface providing fiat currency trading pairs with 4 digital currencies: GAS, Bitcoin, Ethereum and SIB. Spotcoin also will be engaged in mining operations, education and a retail payment gateway.

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Retail payments
Spotcoin will have a widget, an API and app-based digital wallets that will enable fast, low cost and secure point of sale transactions called Spot-Pay. This will integrate with Spotcoin to provide instant payouts in the retailers desired fiat currency, this will be done all in-house.

Spotcoin is building a 1.1 mega watt mining facility that will be using environmentally friendly energy from a hydroelectric power station salable to 25 mega watts. The new facility will have 4500 GPU miners with additional capacity of 4,500 units on behalf of clients.

Spotcoin will be building vocational/ technical colleges that is recognized by the Georgian Ministry of Education to research and help address the shortage of blockchain developers. They are already offering two courses, Cryptocurrency 101 and the Mergelyan Club series on blockchain digital assets.

Token Use Case
Spot token holders will get a weekly dividend of 51% of the total fees generated by the exchange and will also be entitled to a 12% dividend from the profits of Spotcoin’s mining, OTC and Spotpay payments businesses.

Road Map

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Locked for 12 Months

This does sound good i like the fact that the tokens are similar to security tokens that pay dividends. Its similar to kucoin but they have extra businesses to also profit from. The education business is interesting as education is in high demand and highly profitable atm. I dont like the retail payment idea, everyone has this idea but know one is doing it. Its a good project im not investing personally i have all the coins i want atm.

ICO out Now

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Ic. Ff7 rules

Spotcoin’s place in the NEO universe Spotcoin make NEP-5 tokens work for everyone

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making digital currency payments work for everyone

It's good to see Spotcoin will engage in mining operations, education and a retail payment gateway. It will be a good move for the project.


Yeah it seperates it from the others

Spotcoin Pre-ICO Whitelist Opens June 6th at 18:00 (GMT/UTC+4). Only 1,250 places available to claim the 20% Pre-ICO discount.