What has happened to the Melbourne meetups and meetup.com site?

2년 전

Hey everyone

The meetup.com site for the Melbourne Steemit meetups expires today and I won't be renewing it. Despite it having 74 members I don't think that it was successful in recruiting new people and it cost quite a lot (about $120 for 6 months).

As the price of Steem has dropped and the weather got colder the attendance at our meetups dropped. Early in the year we had some great meetups (Jan,Feb) but of recent I have noticed many people have stopped posting on the site (myself included for the last few months) and we weren't getting anyone coming along to meetups.

If we get Steemit visitors to Melbourne I will still try to organise dinners/drinks (it was great to meet @holoz0r and @positiveninja2 when each visited). As for general meetups - if there is renewed enthusiasm later in the year I might try again but for now they are on hold.


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I was chatting with the Adelaide crew last week about getting out meet-ups going again. I think with the spring weather coming we should give it a red hot go. :)

If I come back to town anytime soon I'll be sure to let you know. I had a whirlwind meet with @mazzle last time I was down, but had no other evenings free due to work!

Let's set one up for September, bud.

Would be good to see the Melborne numbers pick up again.

Was good to meet the couple that I got to when I was in Melbourne last time. I'm actually in town currently, but don't have free time this trip. Only here tomorrow and it's already booked up

it be great to have a meetup in coming months..sep end?

Sounds like a plan

I didn't even know we had a meetup site. I never really use that app anyway....

But it would be ace if we Mexicans could get our shit together!


you Mexicans have been better at things than us in Sydney... We really need to do something about that...

Get 10+ steemsters in the same room just once and there's no going back.
Love the energy of a meetup.


We got 16 and 18 at early ones but it dropped off after that.


Wow. I had no idea. 18 is our record, so we're actually tied.


That does count @tomekkk's kids though ;)

I just realised we have a #melbourne tag! Awesome!

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