Get ready for NRL & AFL Tipping on Steemit! + 20 Steem giveaway to celebrate our launch!

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What's all the fuss about?

@footytips has launched covering NRL & AFL tipping for prizes each week.

Who can enter?

Absolutely everyone is welcome to follow and join in to win!

What if I don't know anything about footy?

Don't worry we will have guest tipsters from the Steemit community each week to share their knowledge and thoughts!

When does the season kick off?

NRL starts on Thursday, 8th March 2018

AFL starts on Thursday, 22nd March 2018

What are the prizes each week?

There will be SBD on offer each round for the winners!

The bigger we grow the pot the more on offer for participants.

I need your help prior to the season starting!

To get the rivalry going I need to spread the word @footytips is live and kicking!

So if you can follow and share this first post I will ensure you are rewarded.

How can I win the 20 Steem?

Just follow @footytips and resteem this post to go into the draw.

A randomized computer program will decide the winner in 7 days time!

Who runs this page and content?

This page is run and supported by your local Australian @o07

What's next?

Over the next few weeks we will run a preview on each NRL and AFL team to give you an insight into the club and history of the game.

If you follow a particular team in the AFL or NRL tell us in the comments and let the banter begin for 2018!


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See @sportsncoffee for more USA Sports!

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G'day everyone. Big Adelaide Crows fan here and looking forward to the season starting.

For anyone out there that doesn't know what AFL is this video may help you out:

And for NRL here:

Let me know if you have any questions!


Thanks @dblstr these will help for sure!

  ·  3년 전

It's Footy Time!

I'm a Port Adelaide and Nth Queensland Supporter.

I love my club and the supporters group we have at the games :)



Awesome stuff. Can't wait


I heard that your into some AFL Fantasy on the grapevine?


sure am. been blogging away in preperation for another big year of it.


Keep changing my squad,

It would be great if we can get a league together!

Maybe I can do a post in a few days to see if anyone is keen for #aflfantasy or #supercoach



yeah that sounds cool, I'll be in. I also run a fantasy team for work/social and I rarely get the whole 20 back year on year so I might have a few spots. I was planning on asking 007 as well if he was interested. Its a cash one but only a light $30 buy in. So if your comp falls through or if you want to go in mine as well, let me know

AFL is the greatest sport in the world. Pure athletic freaks. I cannot wait.



Bring it on!
Followed and Resteemed!


Thanks for your support!

Do you follow a particular team in the AFL or NRL?


North Melbourne is my team. They have a little way to go to be competitive atm.!


Welcome @scooter77

Hopefully the Kangaroos can notch a few wins on the board and their rookies can get a good run to build future talent and capability.

Do you get to attend many games during the season?


Im in
Follow and resteem!

Great news, I am already following @o07 and his contests. now following footytips and ready to learn and participate in the new one.

Brisbane Broncos and Raiders, my favourite


Welcome @jacksonoskele

One team from each side of the border :)

What happens when state of origin comes around each year in your house?


Im keen...big Bulldogs and Broncos fan in the NRL and Hawthorne and the Lions in the AFL...looking forward to winning some steem 😉


Followed, resteemed and upvoted @footytips


It's going to be an exciting year!

Do you get to many games during the season?


Resteemed... followed and ready for the Brisbane Broncos to unleash some next level ass kickings in the 2018 season.

@footytips glad I found this. I was about to start one! #teamaustralia


I think Wayne Bennett will have the lads up and about ready for a big start!

I'm a Queenslander living in Cambodia. It's actually quite surprising how big the footy following is in Asia.
I've lived here nearly 6 years now, and a few of my mates are involved in an international Asian cup.

Here's a more recent Pic of the Cambodian Eagles.

(Props to #albycrocker for the pics)


That's awesome!

Footy abroad and sharing the game with others :)

Do you still follow the Lions Or Suns?


Always supporting the sports competition and the friend @ o07. I'm going to prepare to participate in them. And if you need help to take control of the contest, I'm good at handling Microsoft Excel and I could help you.

Successes in this project.


Hi @edgarf1979

Glad to hear you're on board for the new season!

I might hit you up for some excel help in a few weeks :)


I'm in! Anyone knows about the Melbourne Steemit meet up?

  ·  3년 전

Hey @sidsun are you wanting to know if Melbourne has a meetup scheduled?

NRL starting up again...nice.


It's that time of year! What team do you follow in the NRL?


Cowboys then Broncos.


Cool, do you support QLD also in State Of Origin?



Sure do, i live in Phuket now so its a good excuse to visit an Aussie/English/ Irish pub to watch a game.
Good luck with the tipping.

GO Manly - ok follow resteemed and upvoted


Welcome @daydreams4rock

I think Trent Barrett can get the lads up and keep them in the top 8.

How are you feeling about the new season?


Done the follow, upvote and resteem thing.

Big Hawks fan, and a kind of Raiders fan, though now that I live in Sydney and my partner's family are all Souths fans I'm tempted by the other shade of green


Welcome @ratticus

Having different teams in a household can definitely make life interesting!

Noting beats a bit of banter on game day to spice things up in a derby.

Raiders were unlucky last year, should bounce back I think top 4 should be the goal.

How are you feeling about the Hawks in 2018?



I honestly haven't looked too hard at things yet, but I'm hopeful that we're in that group that are on the cusp and that we have the run of luck with injuries that lets us make up the numbers.

Many years ago I dated a girl who was a mad Manly supporter. Her parent's were split Manly/Raiders so it made for interesting match watching. and during the mid 90s too


A new season will being many new challenges correct.

If Cyril and a few of the other keys stay fit the hawks should win a few I think.



I hope so. I support the Hawks but they wrecked me in tipping last year (seriously, who loses that badly to Gold Coast :( )

As an American I got exposed to this awesome sport back from my Xbox days, had loads free matches to watch on ESPN. Sadly, I cancelled bot Xbox live and my cable so I haven't watched in a while.

But just last week I was telling a coworker how enjoyable it is to watch(even not understanding all the rules), the perfect blend of athleticism and skill without all the violence that plagues US football. The games have a great natural flow to them.

Now to spend some time looking for some games to watch after the Olympics. This was a perfect reminder!


Don't worry we will bring you all the news and highlights each week from our page!

Followed, Upvoted, and resteemed. Sister played rugby for years until she messed up her knee.


Ah not good to hear about her injury... Do you follow a team in the AFL or NRL?


I don't have a team I follow. Just watch here and there when I can find a game. Not something that is easy to find televised in the US.

This really would be great. Hope I win the contest.

posting that sagat useful. I love to read it and I have to learn from you

This will change the face of contests

I hope i win the draw!


Good luck :)

Nothing is unexpectable, awesome blog.

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  ·  3년 전

I want to participate, this initiative is great ...


Great to hear :)

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Just love this eggball shaped sports

says guys

  ·  3년 전

haha man I was planning on doing this exact same thing for AFL. you beat me to the punch.

Go the Broncs!

I danm ryt know nothing about this sport! So I'm just gonna be the spectator


We will have experts each week to show you the way!

I love sports, and I never see this sport before.. is this eggball sport?
I'm Fencer from indonesia.. glad to see U and ur post :)