Deliberate water shortage. UN Traitors in Canberra, Media, Courts

8개월 전

Australia being sucked dry by corrupt politicians.

This is being ignored by the MSM, if it keeps up our kids will have no future.

As they say in the vid share it if you still have a fuck left to give.

And a bit of insight in the banking scam that's planning to steal the countries' wealth. Anyone with a mortgage really needs to see this. Share this one too.

I'm not after rewards for this, none of it is my work, I'm just getting sick of being played like a fiddle by these corporate criminals. The country is heading for the biggest land grab in history and farmers are committing suicide at unprecedented rates. Let's face it Australia has fallen, it's all over now baby blue.

When you lie afraid in your beds what would you give for that one chance to come back and make a stand?

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This country is in a mess and getting worse by the government selling us out to the UN😠

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