Rubik's cube

10개월 전!/v/khufu/QmXxfvNMC3yU1JLT9i4nT7vPJaBQxzb8S4Lh7WtrByhGGV

I uploaded this to Dtube but it didn't appear in my blog for some reason, so I'm posting again here.

I taught myself how to solve the cube on Wednesday and tried it between sets while I was working out today. It seemed a bit harder to concentrate while the heart rate was up. So it took me quite a while just to get started. I started solving it at around 25 seconds, the first part of the vid I was just messing it up.

If anyone can point me to a site or video on how they do it these days I'd really appreciate it. The kids are solving them in under 6 seconds these days.

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Nice one the cube looks a bit different to the one I had as a kid.

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It was a cheap one off ebay, it only cost $6 delivered. The new ones spin a lot better than the originals.

Wow. Solving it alone is pretty awesome, let alone in under 2 minutes. I used to be able to get the top 2 levels matched and the bottom cross, but could never memorize the moved to solve the last 2 bottom corners. It's been years since I've tried. I could if I invested some time into it again, but I'd just be in the 2-3 minute range. Maybe it's time to get a bigger cube.


I just did it again without getting the heart rate up and it took just over 50 seconds. It all fell into place early and the rest was a breeze. I figured out the first two layers when I had one at school so that part stuck but I had to read the instruction book to figure out the last layer. I re-learned that the other day and now I can do it every time. They take a different approach these days and get them done in seconds.

Haha, no answer for you there I'm afraid, I'm impressed with 26 seconds.
I may be able to help you though with your video, not appearing in your feed.
When you upload via dtube, pull down the menu in the top right. You'll see a red dtube bar and a blue steem bar (both with pull down arrows). Make sure that you are signed into both, dtube and steem 😎

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I've must have missed that, it always uploaded to steem before. Maybe I wasn't paying attention.

Thanks Rob!

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