The great Aussie selloff

9개월 전

We've all heard about the sale of Australia's agricultural and energy assets and many people just accept that it's happening without knowing the extent of what's going on.

I never really liked Alan Jones much because of his neo-liberal take on most things and some of his underhanded business tactics. His version of the truth isn't normally in accord with mine most of the time but this video he did a while ago was quite revealing as to the extent of the selloff of our strategic assets.

He also did a piece on the extent of drought crisis in rural areas recently which gives a good insight into the problems being faced by Aussie farmers. So the Morrison government is bolstering foreign owned corporations while letting Aussies go to the wall on their farms.

So Scomo has been busting his balls to implement protectionist laws (glass steagal & bail ins, cash bans etc) to protect the banks while letting Aussies languish.

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Verry good your information

Yep we being taking for a ride for the benefit of few😡😠

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