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To my dear Team Australians,

It has been a truly emotional week.

The number of posts and replies this week, confessing an immense love and pride for TEAM AUSTRALIA has been truly remarkable... and heartwarming.

And it is not only current members either - Steemians outside our team looking in with admiration of what we are all achieving together.

A new member @loyalty1738, referred to us by our Executive Manager of Youth Development @crypticus asked me:

"SirKnight, what does it mean to be a member of Team Australia"

To avoid having to think about a response, I gave a brief, yet characteristically witty...

"@loyalty1738, that is a very good question... and I eagerly await your answer."

However, seeing we are in the spirit of 'emotional out-pouring' - I thought I might share some of my own.

What is 'Team Australia'?

'Team Australia' was in essence designed as a way of uniting like minded people, generally from a common place, to a single tag with the view to increasing the pool of STEEM that all in the group would share - simple and direct.

If you were like me before 'Team Australia', you might have beenwondering aimlessly around STEEMIT, trying to earn a few bucks here and there, make some contacts and maybe trying to sneak a post or two onto 'introduceyourself' so it would be noticed.

'Team Australia' became the way to be noticed through association. A way to gain that friendly audience which would direct up-votes your way.

And yet in such a small time it has become so much more than this!

Whilst I might have conceived 'Team Australia', @ausbitbank (Adam) has always been the engine behind it. He was the one bringing in great amounts of STEEM to us in those early days.

He didn't have to... Adam has plenty of terrific projects on the go. Adam has invested is personal STEEM and plenty of his time into @centerlink and @teamaustralia - to reward our posts and help us to grow. Adam and partner @krystle have a true passion for Steemit, their two children and ultimately AUSTRALIA.

We have had other help along the way. Self-made Steemit Millionaire @trafalgar has helped out and now @crypto-investor is sending quite a bit of STEEM our way too. Please be sure to up-vote and resteem Ted's posts in return. I do not believe that Ted is getting anywhere near the reward that he should be for his high quality contributions to STEEMIT.

There is someone else I have eluded to in the past - a whale who wished to remain anonymous. So I now call him 'Handsome Stranger'. He is here supporting us in the background - not because he is Australian and not because he is particularly passionate about Australia. 'Handsome Stranger' believes our team to be a 'fair and honest' cooperative which genuinely operates for the benefit of the minnow members involved and in turn will encourage a rapid growth of the entire STEEMIT blockchain. From what I am seeing, I believe he is right.

Adam exclaimed the other day:

"OMG, newbies are now posting '#introduceyourself' posts straight to #teamaustralia."

Newcomers are quickly recognising the benefit of joining our wonderful team and want to be a part of the comradery we share.

TEAM AUSTRALIA is now much more than a simple meeting place and it is bigger than any one of us.

TEAM AUSTRALIA is uniting many of us in ways that we probably never thought possible.

TEAM AUSTRALIA bringing out absolute best in us! Just look at what our 3 Executive Managers of Marketing: @bearone; @marcfrvncis; and, @pvtrickheaton are producing. Fantastic stuff!

What is TEAM AUSTRALIA to me now?

TEAM AUSTRALIA is now a 'way of life!'

Executive Appointments

I am very, very pleased to say that we have a few more executive appointments to make tonight.

Executive Manager Member Recruitment

The first one will come as no surprise to most of you who have been on STEEMIT today / yesterday.

A few days back I announced that I needed to find someone who could take over the Member Recruitment side of Team Australia. I could no longer manage all the new member 'expressions of interest'. I had two choices:

  1. Accept everyone - and lose the personal touch which has created a tough bond among our team.
  2. Delegate to someone else to do the recruiting... but how would they be paid?

I thought - what if we had an Executive Manager for Member Recruitment who could write interesting introductions for the new members and welcoming them to the team - this way earning some STEEM for themselves in the process...

...And stone the flaming crows, I wake up this morning to this masterpiece by @choogirl - an Aussie expat currently living in the Panama.

I could have cried - it was perfect! And the team appreciated the work that went into it and it is now worth more than $100.

So by the power vested in me, I decree that @choogirl is the new Executive Manager of Member Recruitment and so we do not dilute her rewards - there shall only be one!

Henceforth all new member inquiries and expressions of interest should be directed to @choogirl.

Executive Manager Photography

There is one among us who excels in the field of photography. By now you all would have seen his work even though you may not know too much more about him.

I was fortunate enough to have fallen in with @tomekkk early on in my Steemit days and have keep him pretty close ever since. I once asked him how his interest in photography arose. His response was this:

"When I was a kid I always wanted to operate a movie camera and make a movie, so my parents got me a polaroid camera for Christmas that could record video and take photos. As I grew older I noticed that taking photos is more fun and fulfilling. If you take a good enough photo you can print it off to a canvas and hang it on your wall. A video will just collect dust"

There would be few more suitable to head up our photography department than Tom, our team's Polish Ambassador living in Melbourne.

This waterfall shot from Great Otway National Park is Tom's latest post. Be sure to check it out.

Executive Manager Geography and History

I fear no introduction will do this man justice. He writes with a passion I have seldom seen about such a vast range of topics. One day he will describe ANZAC experiences on the Kokoda Trail and the next it will be a historical report on the brutal history of Port Arthur. And his reports simply captivate: whether it is about a jar of Vegemite or a camper trailer.

@galenkp is a keeper and I want to make sure we do. As such he is officially promoted to Executive Manager Geography & History - with another very important role in mind. To be announced in the coming days.


Only 8 days to go!

More on 'STEEM WARS' in the coming days!

I am... SirKnight!

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haha great work building the aussie community sirknight
I'm a little all over the place so I'm not as active as I would like to be, but I'll throw out some votes when I can :)


All votes are appreciated Trafalgar and thanks for dropping by. SK.

Epic update and Congratulations to the new appointees! We are only getting stronger, yet still maintaining those true blue Aussie values! Yes!


Thank you ljk - Aussie through and through I say.

Hats off to you @sirknight and all the executive managers and sponsors! What a wonderful team!


Thank you snooway - it is simply a great team to be a part of. You looking forward to STEEM WARS?


Geared up and ready to go!

Very happy #teamaustralia is bringing people onboard into steem.


Loving the suit mate! Looking very dapper!

Epic post buddy. Great quality formatting etc
The TeamGB is fledgling but getting there.
Posted this earlier with first 20 members. Apologies mate I just noticed I added teamaustralia tag to the post by mistake. Habit! 😂 I'll take it off in a sec.
Take look for me as I'd appreciate some feedback/advice to get the Brits going.
Tried reaching out in Steemchat but mine keeps going down.
Cheers dude. @tremendospercy


Team Australia welcomes you to get rolling on #teamaustralia TP. SK.



Congratulation to the new leader (or new role owner).

By the way, thank you for sharing post of @choogirl and showcasting new members. It's hard to keep up with list of members.

Aside, do we have an official website to see the current members of teamaustralia?

I Voted up.

Follow me @yehey
Thank you.

@ausbitbank is awesome! Solid team. I wish im Australian to so i can be on your team LOL :p


Hi @kryptokayden - it will be great to have you aboard - please go see @choogirl. SirKnight as Team Australia.


You don't have to be an Aussie @kryptokayden. You can become an ambassador. We are very multi-cultural anyway. More than 20% of the population here is born overseas including me! :]]]


I love everything Australia,except when those animals try and kill you ,just kidding. :p


I've never had animal here who'd try to kill me! Don't listen to the MSM :]]]

Wish i was part of this :o


I wish you were a part of this too josephd - go have a chat to @choogirl. SirKnight.

Go team Australia!!!


You just going to stand there cheering from the sidelines Josh or do you want to get involved? Go have a chat to @choogirl! SirKnight.

Big community, i hope the dream of all australia team is realized .. good post. Upvoting @sirknight


Thanks you for these kind words Azzam - see @choogirl if you would like to join us. SK.

  ·  4년 전

im up late tonight but now its time to sleep...
thxs a lot for your effort here...


Urs - anything for you mate! SK.

  ·  4년 전

no thank you very much,for considering me...but i prefer to be more in the background......
its a bit of a quite time for me right now....but its gonna change again...and im sure there will be a more suitable persons to fit those positions...
thanks a lot SK


Urs - sorry mate - I'm lost.

  ·  4년 전

all good,i didnt read the entire post and just answered on what i thought it is....just ignore lost too now...LOL.....i hurried up....because of having tea(dinner)...
all good here mate....thank you....

I'm honored @sirknight, thank you.
Kudos to @ausbitbank, he's the real mvp along with sirknight to make all this happen.

Great idea @sirknight. All aboard

Great update @sirknight , It is a great movement.
I first noticed teamaustralia because of you, thanks mate.
I think you and the others who started this could well have started something huge.

Champion. resteemed. :).


Thanks for the kinds words and the resteem t2t? Hope to see plenty of your creative challenge photos of yours in STEEM WARS. SK.

Great job @sirknight as usual. The footer looks great too :]


Thanks msg - bearone is doing a great job that is for sure - and she is loving it too. SK.

i love team Australia and am a proud member -- i really appreciate the support coming my way and the awesome stuff posted by other members too - thnx sirknight my first week has been a whirlwind adventure


Feedback like this makes it all worthwhile DD4R. See you at.... STEEM WARS!


happy to support all aussie posts and protect my mates in upcoming wars

Hear hear!!! 👏👏👏 What a post and what an honor to be a part of Team Australia. My heartfelt congratulations to @choogirl @tomekkk @galenkk.

No one rocks up to a party like Team Australia!


You know us Aussies - work hard, play hard. (wonder if we can use that). hmmmmm SK.


Ohh I see what you did there.. I got ya ;)

Great post!!


[SirKnight bows] "Thank you my lady. How's the family?"


They are well, thank you for enquiring good Sir.

Nicely put, everyone got their Tim Tams, Vegimite scrolls, and Anzac biscuits in preparation for the upcoming war?


I'll pick me up a couple of dog-eyes and sauce and I'm set Jeff. SK.


Sounds good.

good job everyone!


Thank you t-f, appreciated.

Great effort sk, your doing us proud. Cheers


Thanks SB - see you at STEEM WARS!

Thanks mate @choogirl for the invite.awesome team lets grow together 😁

@sirknight tt took me 3 hours of trolling around before finding you guys when I first opened my account a couple of days ago. Felt so at home when I was looking through the posts I even made an appreciation post

Have a good one mate. Stay warm.

SirKnight, taking names and kicking...stuff. ;-) Awesome post!

Thank you for the shout out and kind words.


Welcome choogirl - looks like a few membership applications on the post ; ) SK.


Yes, I've been scrolling feeds and contacting the newbies I find and directing them here if they're interested.