A wild night in Australia

3년 전

I took these pictures 2 months ago, during the strong storms in Perth, Western Australia. The show went on for a few hours. I took these shots with a Canon 700D on a tripod. The camera settings were:

Shutter speed 30s
Aperture F/29

IMG_1636 A.png

IMG_1655 A.png

IMG_1666 A.png

IMG_1650 A.png

IMG_1648 A.png

IMG_1642 A.png

IMG_1641 A.png

IMG_1639 A.png

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You have taken some awesome photos there Harry, great effort my friend, cheers mate.


Cheers for looking at my post.

Hey mate, ever had the Canon SD-Card problem? If yes, how did u fix it?

Wonderful shots, @speed-harry !


Thank you.