Team Australia Update

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Good afternoon Team Australia.

I hope everyone is keeping well on this the eve of Steemfest. Sadly I don't think any Aussies are actually representing there, this is most certainly something we need to rally for next year. If there are some Aussies in the crowd, make sure you let us know so we can resteem your post to the rest of TA.

There's a couple of meet ups going on, one in Brisbane and one in Radelaide. Sadly I can't make the Brissy meet up due to a multitude of kids birthday parties. Make sure to chat to @stephen-somers and @mattclarke for more info.

Ok so earlier this week the raffle that @plumey put up came to its conclusion, a massive thanks to those of you that dug deep and bought an entry. One silly Canadian sent the entry money to me, so I've put this in on their behalf.

So without further ado, the winner of the lovely Pearl Necklace is

@tomekkk Congrats mate. Drop @plumey a message and he'll organise to get it out to you.

In other news, @BMJ has been a true legend and has been donating post rewards to the Childrens Hospital charity drive. Make sure you all go follow him and send him some big fat Upvotes on his posts.
@discordia and @ausbitbank have also been dropping some nice coin to us to help with our endevours, so be sure to use the Discordia bot and show your appreciation.

Charity News

It was decided that we are going to be focusing our efforts to make some sick kids life a little bit brighter. This is of course a great cause.
An awesome idea came in from @plumey to provide some colouring books and pencils, with a little brochure aimed at the parents explaining who and what we are. I think this is perfect, im simple and effective. There's no way we can donate an MRI machine or anything substantial like that, so this kind of thing is perfect for now.

So what do we need now??
This is simple, now we just need to get a few more benefactors. Ausbitbank has been incredibly generous, but we need a few more just like him. @aggroed always gives us a helpful resteem to get the word out to his followers and a few of the big whales and influential accounts such as @canadian-coconut and @hanshotfirst and witnesses give us votes. But I'd love to see a grand gesture from one of them.
So if you're talking to someone important, drop the word and ask for some help.

Lastly, remember all donations go direct to the @teamaustralia account, not to @gohba.handcrafts. Team Australia wallet keys are held by @ausbitbank as an additional level of trust and security

So thats it for now. Keep on Steeming and let me know of any cool stuff your up to so I can mention it in the next update.


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Sounds like a good cause. I'm hitting this post with a minnowbooster upvote so pls put it towards the sick kids charity effort.

Greetings Team Australia, from Team Rocky Mountains ;D

Yay congratulations @tomekkk :D Make sure you send us pics flashing your new bling XD

colouring books and pencils, with a little brochure aimed at the parents explaining who and what we are.

This is a really good idea! And expanding on that a little, would adding sketchbooks stretch the budget too much? Some may like to draw as well as colour :)


Calling @originalworks :)
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LOL. It's a @peaceandlove upgoat. That is awesome. That's karma talking right there :)


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I love the passion and generosity shown by the #teamaustralia crew

@teamaustralia i really noticed it :( the great team called teamaustralia is missing from steemit.

  ·  2년 전

Nice update Mr Secretary! The colouring books with a Team Australia brochure is a great idea, and the SBD can go much further.

Congrats to @tomekkk on winning the pearl necklace... you're going to look so pretty mate!!


I do hope that it matches my eyes :)


Just to many responses for this, gotta get the mind out of the gutter

I'm resteeming this to increase exposure for the call to arms & charitable donations.

Go Team Australia!


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Thank you for information 👍 Resteem

Hi @teamaustralia, I like it this post

Hurrraaa I won!!
Thanks guys!


Good One Tomek - Congratulations!

Now we have to work out all the details like:
Which pearl you would prefer and what necklace you want it on.
Then I can get a Jeweller to set it and get it shipped to you.

It's a great team ever. Very exited to join it, but I'm not an Aussie...hiks

Hi dear @teamaustralia, please take a look just a moment to this post. I'd like to recommend this nice spot to be the next SteemFest Location/Destination, named Sabang, Weh Island, Aceh, Indonesia.
This spot near Australia. Would you like to support my effort too? If you agree please upvote and resteem it >

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