Classy content awards #10 - winners!

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What a great week of nominations! ( I know it has been nine days, with a new baby and packing for a house move, times are hectic!).It is great to see the time and effort people are putting into their posts! Keep up the good work! To those who nominated a post, thank you! Awesome choices!
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@phoenixwren nominated @walkerland for this amazing post

@naso nominated @golddeejay for this wonderful post

@koskl nominated @koskl for this awesome post

@koskl also nominated @anna89 for this fantastic post

@simplymike nominated the follow Steemians

@spiritualmax for this superb post

@abh12345 for this great post

@dolphinschool for this marvelous post

@simplymike for this terrific post

@phoenixwren nominated @miky for this incredible post

Congratulation to the above mentioned posts! You have won yourself a TROPHY! Keep up the great work and keep on steeming on!

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Team Australia is Throwing A Steemit Fundraiser 🇦🇺 | Vlog #71

Dig deep and donate or just upvote these posts! There is nothing really to it, sacrifice one of your votes a week for a worthy cause! Every vote helps!



There are a few ways you can get your hands on a TROPHY TOKEN, the linked post below has a great list of #contest you can enter and win yourself a TROPHY and other prizes!

Win TROPHY TOKENS by entering contests on Steemit


Thank you to the Steemians that nominated a post this week!

Stay tuned for "Classy content awards #11"

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Congrats tonthe winners!

Thank you very much @trophy-token!!! Also I should thank @koskl!!! My Bitshares address is anna89


Not a problem! Congrats! TROPHY sent.

My Bitshares address: simplymieke315


No worries mate! TROPHY sent!

thank you! Congrats for the new baby 👶

my bitshares address is: koskl1


Thanks mate. TROPHY sent!

Thank you very much for the honor. My BTS is spiritualmax30


No problem mate! Keep up the good work! TROPHY sent!

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