A big change from where we used to live

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Hello and G'day everybody here on the Steem blockchain.
We moved from tropical,warm Thailand to the cold,snowy alps in Switzerland.What a change that was....Have a look for yourself...


That was the scenery we had,after landing in Zurich,driving to our flat in Central Switzerland.Dropped our bags and went for a drive up to a very tiny ski resort quite close to where we stay now.
We went there with friends,because of such a nice day it was.
(You have to enjoy the nice days a make the most out of it)

Mount Pilatus in the background.The city of Lucerne (Luzern) is behind of Mt.Pilatus.


On the way to Bangkok,after spending the last week in Thailand on the island of Ko Samet.
Next stop:Zurich


I miss this place already....Nice and warm it was back then......

So back to reality again,and stop dreaming from tropical Thailand and how warm it was there.
A couple of pictures from the snowy landscape.


I haven't seen snow for two years.....a bit confused now


Very nice powder snow


View east,more mountains,all around


On the way down to the valley,back home.No snow anymore and not so cold too,but still 30 degree colder than in Thailand.
It won't change anytime soon.In a couple of months,hopefully.

fresh snow.jpg

That's how it looks right now,just went for a short walk to the shops.....

So I hope you enjoyed those pictures?It's completely different to how it was in Thailand.
Stay tuned,I will show you more amazing pictures from Switzerland.

All these pictures were taken by myself
Camera:Sony DSC-HX90V

Thanks for visiting.Feel free to comment and upvote and resteem.

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Thanks for those great pics and impressions Urs. I wish that you and your family settle back into Switzerland really soon.

  ·  3년 전

no worries Yegor.thanks,we are fine..i will start work in January,all the paperwork has been done(almost all).my son starts to speak some swiss german already...



  ·  3년 전

yes mate,anmeldung bei der gemeinde und migration,krankenkasse und versicherungen,AHV/IV anmeldung.TV,internet und telefonanschluesse und noch so manches mehr....
adressaenderungen bei den banken usw....
ich war auch erstaunt dass es so vieles war.....und ich bin mir sicher ich hab noch sachen vergessen.....

Wow, a big change in many respects. Good luck. I hope you're not too cold. On the plus side--Swiss chocolate!

  ·  3년 전

thank you very much for your dropping by.
im fine...i found my winter clothes,but you still get a cold nose/face....lol...
the yummy swiss chocolate and xmas,eat to many already.cant resist,i have to stop...

Beautiful photos, gorgeous scenery thanks for sharing, cheers mate.

  ·  3년 전

thank you,no worries mate-you are welcome and thanks for dropping by

Wow, what a dramatic change. Both places beautiful in their own rights, and well worth spending time in.

  ·  3년 전

it is indeed.i grew up in switzerland,so back to the roots...
i miss Australia too..thanks for dropping by and leave a comment...

Wow. Beautiful post and pics dear. Congrats on your movement to Switzerland. Its a very beautiful place and am sure u would love it if u can bare cold weather :-) . Had been there long ago. Regards Nainaz

  ·  3년 전

thank you very much.its beautiful here when the weather is nice....i grew up here but still have to get used to this climate again.
thanks for dropping by,greetings from switzerland...