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Steem has gone up quite a lot. 10 cents in January and now at this point of time close to 30 cents per Steem. Would we see Steem back at 80 cents or more? The time I joined Steem, I think it was around 40 cents per Steem and the highest it went was about 55 cents.

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My strategy at the moment,is to hold Steem and earn as much as I can before Bitcoin halves itself. Less Bitcoin minted increases demand, decreasing supply. It would be the ultimate safe haven for anyone who looks to hedge their investments to leverage against the falling asset prices of stocks. The question would then be, how high would steem go this time? If indeed Btc really goes up to 30k or perhaps 50k?

5G is going to be introduced this year and the Corona Virus has already been wrecking havoc on the major economies. The next quarterly report that comes out would be in March. Many companies are going to report losses incurred during this three months.

Economic recession would be something to look at. US is going to also be electing a new Prime minister... if indeed a recession hits, I am pretty sure loads of investors would definitely put their money into crypto.

Maybe it's gonna be the ultimate. I still definitely enjoy being part of the Steemit community and hopefully one day it's gonna create for me income that could sustain my life for me to dedicate more time here.

Rise of cryptos.


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Hopefully it does rise like it used to be. I miss the old days.


Yeap.. If it does.. Woo hoo. Hopefully to 100 usd per Steem. Then I can spend my days sitting under the sun.

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