3 March 2020 - uLog


3 March 2020 - uLog

I have loved learning all my life. From the day I stepped foot into kindergarten, I have always been attentive and listen as much as I can. Even in church when the priest speaks, I listen intently.

Back when I was 3 years old, my principal gave a speech and that's the only advice I can ever remember as a 3 year old.

"When someone speaks, look at them and listen."

So I have been doing that all my life since.

There is also one advice I got from my kindergarten teacher back then.

"Remember where you put your things."

38 or so years later, I still don't remember where I put my things. That time when she gave me the advice, I lost my toy helicopter. I was on my way home when I told mom that I lost it. We went back to find it and there it was in the teacher's hands. She gave me the advice.

Yup! Still doing my best to follow it right now…

I've also loved English since day 1. On the Jobstreet English test, I got a practice score of 39 of 40. I should have gotten a 40 out of 40. I did the real thing and I got 36 out of 40. It is still a 90%. But still… I could have done better…

What I am going to tell you is true and I'm not kidding. My mind is a mystery to me some times. When I want to click A, I might click B. So I better double-check my answers. Or quadruple check it because I might have clicked wrongly. I've looked at my answer sheet and see that I clicked the wrong alphabet! A lot of times!

Point is… I love English and have all my life. That's why I speak, read and write well.

I have never loved Chinese until it was too late. It was back in high school when I went to Canada and started listening to Cantopop because my cousins listen to it and don't want to feel left out.

By then, my Chinese education in high school was already not enough to take it to the next level. If I wanted to do well, primary school was the time to do so. I still can speak well in Cantonese and Mandarin. But when it comes to reading the newspaper or listening to the news, I have difficulty. Entertainment shows are still fun to watch.

I'm hoping to do projects that have to do with English and education. I have worked at the day care center and find it fun. I love the kids and I'm a caring person too. This puts me in the position that I am good with kids, love teaching and thus should pursue a career that has to do with it.

I am currently working on a project that will help Chinese speaking and Malay speaking families to educate their children well in English, so that they will do better when they grow up.

That's all I am saying for now.

Pictures of the Day

Love my treadmill. I just gotta love my treadmill.
I'm so loving this book. It's just mind blowing.
Japanese sponge cake anyone? It's really delicious made by BabyBoss Baker Jean.

Thank you for reading.

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