4 March 2020 - ulog


I'm in awe at myself today. Like really in awwwwwe.

Last night, I went to sleep really sleepy at 8 PM. I blacked out and found myself awake by 10 PM. My tracker didn't pick up my sleep then.

I then got back to the grind and started work.

BabyBoo was in the mood to show me her baking school goodies that she made. I made a big boo boo today.

See… I thought hey! She should appreciate me more if I were to work and listen to her at the same time.

While I was working, she was talking to me and I was listening while working on my website and looking at her pictures when she highlighted it to me.

I was going…

WOW! I'm a super multitasker.

But in the end, I got shit.

She said I don't look at her when she was talking. That I was not interested to talk to her and that I was not showing any interest.

This is the break down of communication.

I thought that I was being a good hubby because I was listening to her while working. If I don't shoo her away, I thought that I was doing great.

Turns out, she didn't like how I was listening.

Lesson of the day. When your wife talks to you, LOOK AT HER AND LISTEN.

Don't go and multitask. Even if you are SUPERMAN and can do a hundred things at once, it doesn't give you any points!

You got to stop all that you do and listen.

That's how you should make your wife or gf happy.

I hope that I did something good for you.

I got to the office by 4 AM. I was going to go to the office, but then mom and my wife said NO. Don't GO!

I'm like why???

Am I on some kind of curfew? Like I was a small kid?

No… I didn't say that.

I drove to the office by 3:30 AM and decided to put together my IKEA bookshelf. When I took the instruction manual out, I needed a hammer and a screwdriver. SUCKS.

I decided to go to the nap room to get some rest at about 6 AM.

In 2 hours plus, I was awake and decided that I wanna put together the bookshelf.

This is my creation. It's not crooked. Thanks.

I took like an hour putting things together. It was easy but time consuming. I enjoyed myself a lot until I hammered the nail in such a way that it went sideways into the wood. The back of the board was still good. Nothing was protruding. That was the first backboard. There are 2 boards. The second one was perfect.

So I learn from my mistakes. Hey! I didn't get practice. Give me a break!

Even though I slept 2 hours, there still doesn't seem to be much time. I worked on a video and some website stuff. Time was just moving by fast and I'm already running at the maximum workload.

There is another 2 more days before the weekend is here.

I'm going to be back on Twitch.

Thank you for reading.

Pictures of the Day

I am going to the gym every day! Yay!

Today's dinner made by BabyBoo and Mummy Bear
Cookies by BabyBoss Baker Jean

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