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SteemIt in Malaysia is dying. There are hardly anyone posting any more and I just saw 2 posts the other day out of hundreds of people on the Malaysian network. It surely is a sad scenario. People aren't getting the returns that they want and that is such a thing to cry over.

The thing is, Malaysians aren't really writers. We don't revel in the joy of writing each and every day. But I am different.

It has been since I was 9 that I wrote my first diary journal and I have been bitten by the bug ever since.

I started off on SteemIt quite well but went on a hiatus after establishing a relationship. After I met my girlfriend, we started steeming together. But then I didn't really write much. I have been here on and off ever since.

Today, I start my 3rd attempt to be here on SteemIt each and every day writing my journal and also blogging about my new found love that is Twitch live streaming.

Ever since the beginning of the MCO, my wife and I have been having lots of fun streaming video games and chatting on it. We have already streamed for a little over 2 months and we are still loving it.

Today, we are starting our journey as Twitch Affiliates. That gives us the opportunity to let people subscribe and cheer us with bits.

We have met many wonderful people over the weeks and I'm very thankful that we are growing well. The videos that we make Twitching go to our Facebook and YouTube accounts that have garnered much views and more people are starting to take notice of our efforts.

My wife complains about the torturing and monotonous video editing work that she does. But she didn't see how much views that have come in since she started doing it. After realising how much people have been watching, she is in a better mood and believe that she is more motivated to continue doing this.

I have been playing Fortnite, V-Rally 4, Animal Crossing and other games that are on the XBOX Game Pass.

This SteemIt account will be revived to post my videos of Twitch and also document my journey as a full time Twitch Streamer.

I am looking forward to the many adventures that await us on this new road that I have paved for myself.

Find us at http://www.twitch.tv/dre4mkid

We do family friendly streams and will be heavily streaming Fortnite and racing games, with party games and any game we find cool. Next week, we are starting the Minecraft Dungeons games.

Few weeks ago, I was looking for a job as a copywriter on Jobstreet. I posted to 5 companies for a position but I never got a reply to go for an interview.

Today, I am happy that I didn't get it because I find streaming a lot fun.

We are streaming 12 hours daily from now on. Though it may be long hours and we have seen money just trickling in. But I believe that with the opportunity to work better with my wife, this is a blessing and so I say... Thanks be to God.

Image Source: https://www.agilitypr.com/pr-news/public-relations/how-to-promote-your-twitch-channel/

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