Friday im in love "Practise session Treemyofficialmusic 19.4.18

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Hello guys all steemit friends!

How are you? happy good friday everyone. I hope you guys doing fine and stay healthy. Dont forget to drink lot of mineral water Atlist 2 bottles. Now temperature weather in kota kinabalu really hot 33 celcius hot season.

ok last night was so awesome ive got practise session #treemyofficial preparing tomorrow and sunday event.
I hope everything going well got excited also because to entertain people and friends need to focus on strumming guitar and balance the sound melody. So in live session people will get more feel energy and 100% will buy our cds album if the quality entertain excellent show. So this is one of marketing we do how to make the melody going nice to listen and catchy and soul. After long break me and friends #treemyofficial not meeting,not practise because of busy work so last night our vibe of music still going Rock!

This is what we need in music,even you busy in normal life, also passion in music still going thru. And the good thing is,
last night we have 2 new track complete for this 2nd album coming this year " i hope so".
Rumah kita (Home) is one of our new track will be put in new album. So you guys dont miss our 1st album still can grab with us just inbox how to buy. End of this month april we will sent our cds album 1st #treemyofficial to spain 4 pieces to our friend pablo. We will sent by posting and contact each other by email and #steemit. You guys can inbox us at #treemyofficial and we will find out how to sent our cd to your country. email us at

#Steemit help us how to connecting new friends all over the world. its not possible when you have vision and mission just do it.And this thing is really good that can open our brain,eyes,healhty ,spirit and soul how get connecting with people to make good vibe positive vibe. I love to share good things to you like selling our melody good track soundtrack cds #treemyofficial. So i hope we going through together to make good vission and mission to be better life good life.

So see you guys tomorrow saturday #syarikatbirubiru and sunday watch out! our live session on #thewildsession on facebook.


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Jauh perjalanan album kmu! bravo!!


@angeljames Thank you angel we hope so la hehe kita2 juga ini #kkmusicscene

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