Hello friday "Now playing week 14" Zhaoze-see you in the dusk

3년 전

Hello everyone steemit friends.

I hope you doing well and stay healty. Dont forget to drink lot of water. Temperature degree in Kota kinabalu
around 35 celcius. Its hot season. Anyway today i would like to share postrock band from china its called Zhaoze.

You can check them out at you tube Zhaoze. Its really amazing, A little bit sound instrument traditional inside this soundtrack. And the title of this song is ''See you in the dusk'' .

The graphic on music video its awesome to. Invironment and people smile make this songs life.
Sound of journey. Ive got this band from my friends 'Askwan' From kota kinabalu. Last night he was buying our CDs
Tree ''cloud and mountain''. Meet and greet with him make me happy and maybe some collaborate one day because he is film man. So we keep in touch and here it is. Some introduction favourite band of him from china ''Zhaoze'' make you chill
this friday. Please listen it watch until end . Cheers!

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