Listen to my Soundtrack "Kupu-kupu meditasi embun pagi" 14/4/18

3년 전

Hello all the friends!

Today its saturday yoo. Whats the plan? The weather in Kota kinabalu is hot season. Dont forget to drink lot of water minimum 2 bottle 2500ml.

Today im work until 5 evening. Quiet rilexing because its wonderful saturday. Saturday is lot of activities we can do.
Reading,fishing,go to wild life,cycling,meditation and many more. atlist healthy.

My hobby is create a melody,writing a good things. going to wild life and hiking. But hiking if i have a time.Because now im focus more with my family. So my real hobby is create a melody. I'll like to go to the wild life and take a picture of animals,butterfly in malay bahasa is called " kupu-kupu"

But to get a good picture,you need a power camera. Nowadays all that things is really expensive. U need to do that u need to do this,you love to do that and you loved to do this. So my final answer is im more liked to create a melodies. (soundtrack). Today i want to share my track melody about beautiful Butterfly.

What im do? Im going out take vacation camping with my friends in nature wild life. I saw butterfly with my eyes closely and save to my brain then writing down in a book then make it sound at "home.

This soundtrack is more meditation,control your mind, rilexing sound,chilax on what we do. Its for healing body and soul.

I like to make sound that can make me healing my bodies. And i liked to dance with the melody. I hope you like it and join me dance hahaha. Its is "art".

Art is between you and your life. You appriciated on what you have. And you share with everyone in the world. Because Life is Beautiful . "This is life and we are human". If you choose the Positive inside of yours,You can make it everyone share the world together. For the rite things,good things.

Music is art,music is peace,music is love.

So this is the one of my track i want to share


I hope you guys enjoy my track. :))

Enjoy the saturday!

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love to see your passion mate.. keep it up the good work man!


Thanks mate.. and thx for listen simple track from me.. Next week will be chill session #treemyofficialmusic at biru-biru cafe. see you man

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Thanks for sharing, wait your next sharing.


Thank you @nick8982 yup will update next sharing :)