Monday blues and happy day 5th fasting "Ramadhan al mubarak" all muslim around the world. 21/5/18

3년 전

Hello everyone.A very good morning, good monday blues. I hope you guys doing well and stay healty.
Today is a 5rd ramadhan muslim fasting around the world. Im fasting to. Dont forget to drink lot of water minimum 2 bottles mineral water.

So,today im doing my job normally. Im a manager of sales car at JW AUTOWORLD. Basically my job in a day.
At the night i will doing my stuff on music.Depends if i have a time i will do about continue my new track. Now im doing a new track about "pantaiuntukrakyat" soundtrack. So today the weather is really cool. "#pantaiuntukrakyat" is about the soundtrack situation in a beach who take nostalgia on that feeling and happiness.

Its monday,its a lazy day but you have to hold tight your schedule about many things that you want to do. Its about time.
Time is really important. Time is really fast. Now is month of muslim "ramadhan al mubarak"For the fasting i have no problem about that. The tips to diet i wanna share is drink milk and 3 pieces of "kurma". Kurma its good for brain and healty food fruits. What else story about fasting? its good for smoker the smoker can discipline him selves about to quit smoke.To built energy,new energy about calm down stay calm and keep calm and balance the body.

So your body will get maintain the immune system,antibody refresh and automatically the body can perform well.
So my opinion about fasting is really good and helped. You should try :)

So thats it for today my sharing about fasting and little bit update my stuff upcoming soundtrack #pantaiuntukrakyat
I will update soon here on steemit ! .


So on steemit ! vote ! follow me!




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