Photoshoot my outfit and learn how to be confident ! (Yayasan Sabah Tun Mustapha)

3년 전

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Hello all steemians friends!

Hope all my friends doing well,safety and good healty. Basically,if i have a free time, after done or after no idea about my writing for new songs, i will going somewhere and take a photoshoot with my friends or family.
So here is my photo at yayasan sabah (Tun Mustapha Building).

I like to take photo when i found a nice place, in everywhere. To get vibe and to find a new symphony about
nature sound and lyrics. Its really hard sometimes but all this things surround me, my ears,the bird singing everywhere
the busy around city, the beautiful people,the child smile, makes me wanna do a new sounds and songs.

It makes me happy wherever i dont know where and how to do. I bring my fon and record the sounds. Sometimes im
singing and recorded with my phone. I know its really hard. But this is it, The struggle teach me, teach us how to get calm
about future. I know even we dont know about what is our future.

But its okay, keep on going keep on walk keep on running. Because trust yourself the beautiful life will coming to you.

I hope someday my songs , my bands #treemyofficial will listen with new generation. expecially to my daughter.

IMG_3906 3.jpg

IMG_3890 3.jpg

IMG_3885 3.JPG

IMG_3914 2.JPG

So, here is my photo simple outfit want to share with you guys :))

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There is not other way than fighting hard for your dream... nothing more useful and true to teach our children.
Nice to see you'r having a nice day with your beloved ones, thank you for sharing them, keep on following your dream!
Have a great week ahead Yat


Hey pablo nice to know you my friend :) Yup there is no other way than fighting hard for our dream. you rite man ,
By the way ,
this week we preparing our cd and will email you about to start posting CDs to your country. :)

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