Saturday and happy weekends ! " Today Event is "NOHYPOCRISY TOUR" DEAD MUSHROOM (KL) PARIS IN THE MAKING (SG) AFTER THE SKY (SG)

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Hello guys! All steemians friends.

Yo guys i hope you doing fine and stay healty. Today weather super cool Thank God because Kota Kinabalu raining today. After a long month and today a bit raining, God Bless.So today feel so cooled weather and i can work better. Because basically my job is to serve customer at outside. Dont forget to drink a lot of mineral water.

Orait last night was so fun at #Thewildsession with them. Im sorry i didnt take a picture from last night because im more focus on the event also focus on me #treemyofficial. So fun all the bands doing they job great! All friends coming,the crowd
was enjoy together and we are so happy to because tourist from argentina,france coming to support together last night.

So ! we continue today with saturday event actually it start already the organizer is #rebelunion.
They doing they great job to serve the bands from Kuala Lumpur it is #Deadmushroom Tour to Kota Kinabalu.
It was really good because in mean time #Parisinthemaking and #Afterthesky can join together today u can catch lot of good stuff CDs Album there at suria sabah Black Box in this event for special guest #NOHYPOCRISYTOUR.

For local heroes band joining this event is #melodychain , #oldnavy , #Boil , #silversun , and

Sadly i cannot join this event, i wanna see them all live but i got job today saturday work as well until 5pm.
But its okay the event still going. Lets Rock and have fun today. So i wrote this is to support #kkmusicscene
and i love and really love our country expecially #northborneo Sabah. This April month give us beautiful memories
and i hope this journey, our journey in life going better and protected each other peace and Love.

Thank you for your support and keep supporting us. :))

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