201st Training-18 Dog Year Handmade Soap 第一训练班-2018年狗年手工皂

4년 전

Currently Im in the saloon dye-ing my hair & doing mothing. Instead of just wasting my time just wait, I decide to write my blog.

本人在理发店染着头发又无所事事就开始写博客, 别浪费时间傻傻地等。

My first training soap finally came out 《2018 Dog Year Handmade Soap》



Above link is my previous blog about my clay soap dog which I have to insert in into the soap bar mould & cut it into slice.



The clay soap dog had insert into the soap bar mould & filled up with cold process soap & leave it 24 hours before unmould & cut. Im using a soap cutter & line cutter to cut it into slice.


Im able to cut into 4 slices in 500grm soap, the size of the soap as big as my palm.
First time training, the soap clay dog seemed not so perfect but I still satisfied with it.
I will make it better next time.


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@yumisee 这个拿来送人也大方得体 :D






The dog looks a bit similar to "sticky" candy before it was put into cold process soap. A very nice-looking soap


Thanks. Need more practice...yes..similar as sticky but not so easy as sticky


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哇 太漂亮了 是我就拿来收集 不舍得用 你是做来卖的吗?
对了发现我怎么没有auto点你的 奇怪



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Doggie, cute homamade soap. Well done.


need more training