Week 3 : #sixweekhealth Destressed 工作后减压

4년 전

I would like to thank @wilhb81 & @pizzapai for introducing sixweekhealth challenge. Appreciated to the sponsors @sweetsssj and @healthsquared of this meaningful program.
My first time to join to @sixweekhealth - Destressed

感谢伙伴们@wilhb81和@pizzapai的介绍 sixweekhealth 《六周健康挑战》也非常感激我们的主办单位是甜美小妹@sweetsssj 和 @healthsquared举办了这个有意义的挑战。
这是我第一次参与《六周健康挑战》- 减压

Below attachment is my previously soap clay development for event & workshop. The tsum tsum character, valentine bear & christmas character. All is natural handmade soap with skin safe colourant.
以下照片是本人之前的作坊做出来的肥皂粘土样本。Tsum tsum人物,情人熊与圣诞人物。全都是自然手工皂,皮肤安全的着色剂。




Im a Art & Soap Clay Instructor in Artiz Atelier Academy. I teach children from age 4 & adult, our academy has Junior, Intermediate & Advance Clay class. As for Soap Clay, we do provide workshop from age 12 & adults.
My new development soap clay training start on February 6th, similar ice box cookies but is made from soap. 8 hours cracking head, failed & tried, 1 hour rest. I only manage to create out a bear head with bouquet flower & balloons. The 3 items have to insert in a soap bar mould with cold process soap which i will try it next few days & will post out when is done.
我是一位美术与肥皂粘土教练。我们三种粘土阶段那就是初级粘土,中极粘土, 高级粘土适合4岁以上和成人而我们也提供12岁以上和成人的肥皂粘土班。我的新发展训练班在2月六日开始,类似冰盒饼干可是是以肥皂制造出来的。用了8小时头疼,失败又重做,一小时休息才做出了一个熊头,花束和气球。在过几天,这些都将会放入在冷制造肥皂调模具里。成功话将会让大家上赏赏。

Few colors sample soap paste mix with safe skin colourant

Forever friend bear & bouquet flower.

Final soap clay to be insert in soap bar. It takes lot time to puzzle the bear face & it has to be in long cane type to make sure they appear in every slice of soap. Im waiting my trainer for the next step training, cant wait to see the finishing.
最终的肥皂粘土将放入肥皂条模具。熊熊脸花了不少时间来拼而且都是搓成条状确保他们都出现在每一片肥皂。正在等待下一个 训练,迫不及待想看看结果。

After training, I decided to go for hair cut nearby
my office call Red's Hairdressing located at 29, Jalan Sungai Burung Z 32/Z, Bukit Rimau, 40460 Shah Alam, Selangor . Elson & Connie are the main hairstylist in the saloon. Both are quite professional, usually I come here for hair dye & hair cut. Chinese New Year coming soon, their schedule so tight until there are no suitable slot for me. Connie manage to slot me a time after my work hour. Got headache after the training, she gave me hair wash with massage, was relieved so much.
训练班结束后,打算到公司附近一家理发店名称Red's Hairdressing位置在于29, Jalan Sungai Burung Z 32/Z, Bukit Rimau, 40460 Shah Alam, Selangor剪头发轻松一下。Elson和Connie是专业理发师,大多数都会来这儿染发和剪头发。新年将来临,时间表都爆满而没有适合我的时间。感恩Connie帮我尽量安排个时间。训练班后头非常疼,她帮我洗头又按摩让我感觉舒服得多了。

Bye bye my long hair

My new hairstyle from Connie the hairstylist. She taught me how to maintain my fringe & blow the hair. I was just like ok if i can manage it.
🤣 RM 60 for hair wash & cut.

After hair cut, rushed back to Subang Jaya to meet up my cousin for dinner. No introduction or photos because food so so only. We went home around 10pm.

我的新发型,理发师Connie。她也教我如何保持刘海的长度和吹发的方式。我只是ok如果我办到🤣。 RM60 洗发和剪发。

剪完后就赶回Subang Jaya与我堂妹见面吃饭。这次没有食物介绍与照片因为食物普通而已。

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@yumisee, 其实我就是来点赞的,别管我哈!

@yumisee 哇,你真的太用才华了。这些肥皂做到栩栩如生,太讨人欢心。




哇 好棒啊 Tsum tsum人物作的太美了



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